Salman Khan returned home between After Lockdown 3.0

Bollywood actor Salman Khan is stuck in lockdown in his Panvel Form House, away from family. Salman Khan shot his new song ‘Tere Bina’ at the form house and launched it from there on Youute. His fans are very fond of this song. At the same time, Salman Khan is also very active on social media during lockdown. Meanwhile, many throwback videos of Salman Khan are also going viral. At the same time, a video of Salman Khan has surfaced.

The viral video of Salman Khan is not old today but. This video is of the show Chhota Ustad on Star Plus. The special thing in this video was that Salman Khan removes his T-shirt in this show. Seeing Salman Khan do this, everyone present there shouts.

Actually, Salman Khan gets a challenge to take off the T-shirt from the contestant of Chhoti Ustad, which Salman Khan removes the T-shirt. After doing this, Salman Khan the entire show resonates with applause and all start cheering for Salman Khan. Let me tell you that this video of Salman Khan has been viewed more than 32 thousand times so far.

Earlier also, a video of Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif went viral. Both stars reached the reality show. The host of the show, Aditya Narayan, is announcing something at that time, when the notes are scattered on the floor. Seeing this, Salman Khan sits down without any hesitation and starts collecting notes. Seeing them, Katrina Kaif also helps the actor in this work. Seeing Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan, Aditya Narayan starts doing the same.

Bollywood’s brother Salman Khan is known for his domineering style. Be it real life or real life Salman is always in his domineering passion. One such stylish video of Salman is currently being discussed on social media. This video shows Salman riding a bike with Jacqueline.

This video has been posted from Salmanholix’s Instagram account. In this video, Salman is seen riding a bike with actress Jacqueline Fernandes in Manali. This video precedes the lockdown. The video, which has gone viral on social media, has received more than 55,000 reactions so far. Fans have really liked Salman’s domineering.

Earlier, Salman was in the news for his help to the workers. He is donating food to the needy with the help of a food truck called ‘Being Hungary’. Around one thousand packets of food are prepared in one of Salman’s restaurants in Bandra. 500 in the morning and 500 in the evening. These packets are distributed to the poor in the slums, station premises, temples and mosques in various parts of Mumbai, morning and evening.

Bhiwandi, May 21: The fourth phase of lockdown has been adopted in the state to curb the spread of corona virus. While the lockdown has brought famine to many people, rumors have been rife on social media. Citizens are struggling to get help due to the crisis of starvation in the state. Rumors that superstar Salman Khan will come to Bhiwandi to help have created a stir.

Fans had gathered in Khandupada area at night when Salman Khan was said to be coming. But this time we got to see the fuss of social disturbance. As soon as the police got the information, they rushed to the spot, got the understanding of the citizens and sent them home. Police are investigating who spread such rumors.

In fact, Salman Khan had earlier given a helping hand. At that time, the news that Rs 15,000 was found in the flour bags was circulating on social media. So people believed the rumor and crowded Bhiwandi with the feeling that they would get the money this time too.

Meanwhile, a similar video has been going viral on social media for the past few days. In which it was said that actor Aamir Khan distributed money secretly. That is, he helped many out of wheat packets. He was also congratulated through this video. However, the truth behind the viral video was revealed by Aamir Khan himself through Twitter.

Aamir wrote on Twitter, ‘Friends, I am not the one who puts money in wheat bags. Either this story is false or this ‘Robinhood’ does not want to come out in public. Stay safe. Love ‘. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, it became clear after this tweet that he is not Aamir Khan.


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