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West Bengal Banga Lottery Banga Laxmi Teesta Results 25/02/2019 will be updated right here at 4 PM, and you can take a look at the whole Results from five PM.

West Bengal Banga Laxmi Teesta Lottery Results: 25 February 2019, Monday, is a special day for all of the aspirants who are waiting for these days’ Lottery Results. handiest you can trade your future as you are the author of your future. we’re returned with these days West Bengal lottery Results. The state government of West Bengal organizes numerous lottery schemes for the advantages in their humans.

The Results for Banga Laxmi Teesta Lottery will pop out Today on 25th February 2019 at around 4 PM. The Results could be updated here at this webpage as quickly as it comes out. And you can test the entire results from 5 PM. it can be some time to take massive first prize money of Rs 30 lakh home and become the winner.

Check out the West Bengal Banga Lottery Banga Laxmi Teesta Results in 25/02/2019 beneath and fit the serial numbers of your lottery ticket with the following results:

1st Prize: Rs. 30 Lakhs/-

Consolation Prize: Rs. 9,500/-

2nd Prize: Rs. 9000/-

3rd Prize: Rs. 500/-

4th Prize: Rs. 250/-

5th Prize: Rs. 120/-

Note: West Bengal Banga Lottery Banga Laxmi Teesta results 25/02/2019 may be up to date right here at four PM, and you may check the complete results from five PM. You want to refresh this internet site to see the updated Results.

You’re the boss of your lifestyles, try your luck for one of the largest cash drift in West Bengal. Banga Laxmi Teesta Lottery gives whopping first prize cash of Rs 30 lakh at the same time as the second and the third prize winners will get Rs nine,000 and Rs 500. properly, this isn’t always all as there may be additionally a comfort prize of Rs nine,500. The fourth and the five prize winner can be rewarded with Rs 250 and Rs a hundred and twenty respectively. The winners get their prevailing prize money after tax deduction. stay tuned with us for all of the Today updates of West Bengal Lottery and day by day Results.


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