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“Favorite” Kimura Takuya starring drama ranking “performed by the ranking site” Ranking! “Was announced.

This time questionnaire that totaled from the results of Internet research for men and women of 10 to 40 years. In response to multiple answers allowed “What is your favorite” Drama starred by Takuya Kimura? “” Asked for responses, the number of effective respondents was 8,516 people. The survey was conducted on January 27, 2019.

The first prize was chosen because the first period was broadcast in 2001 and the movie also hit the hit “HERO”. Kimura made a prosperous prosecutor in jeans with a rough style such as a down jacket. The average audience rating in Phase 1 is 34.3%, which is a remarkable number. In Kimura’s latest starring movie ” Masquerade Hotel “, director Masayuki Suzuki, who collaborated with Kimura in the “HERO” series, took up the megaphone, the first cast Matsuki Matsu , Shosai Kaishi , and Hamada joined from the season 2 of 2014 It also became a topic that Dake appeared.

The second place is “Long Vacation” (1996), which co-starred with Yamaguchi Tomoko , Yutaka Takenouchi , Izumi Inamori , Takako Matsu and Ryo and social phenomena. Kitakawa Etsuko such as NHK Continuous TV novel “Half, Blue.” Committed living together living with a model of a fall (Yamaguchi) who fled to the bridegroom on the day of wedding and Hidehisa Sena (Kimura) aspiring a pianist To draw. Takeobu Kubota with theme song with NAOMI CAMPBELL ‘s “LA · LA · LA LOVE SONG” is also a huge hit.

The third place is “Daily life with Beautiful Life” (2000). Kimura and Tokiwa Takako starred, and Kitagawa is also in charge of the script. A painful love story between a hairdresser, Okijima Hijiri (Kimura) and a librarian (Tokiwa), who keeps wheelchair lives long, tears tears. Co-starring Mizuno Miki , Watabe Atsuro , Nishikawa Takanobu , Moba Koji etc.

Fourth place is “the splendid family” (2007). The second drama conversion of the same name novel by Yamazaki Toyoko set in the postwar high economic growth period, Kimura played the hero’s Ban Tolly Ippei. It was produced as one of TBS ‘s 55th anniversary program, and gorgeous casts including Suzuki Kyoka , Hasegawa Kyoko , Yamamoto Koji , Yamada Yu , Kitaoji Kinya gathered.

The fifth place is “Sleeping forest A Sleeping Forest” (1998). Kimura served as a starring with Miho Nakayama, a mystery with the theme of “Adult Children and the Memory and Brain Mechanism” that suffered deep wounds in the heart. Nakamura Toru , Yusuke Santamaria , Manami Honjô such as is co-star, the screenplay Hisashi Nozawa has worked.

Subsequently, 6th place is “GOOD LUCK !!” (2003), 7th place is “Love Generation” (1997), 8th place is “BG ~ Guardian of Guardians” (2018), 9th place is ” knows LOVE? ~ “(2013), the 10th place is a result of the popularity which is loved from a wide range such as” PRICELESS ~ there is not it, I guess! “(2012) was a series of names.


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