Will Smith Said The Strange Experience Associated With Gemini Man
Actor Will Smith (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Actor Will Smith says that watching the clone of his youth form made for his upcoming film ‘Gemini Man’ was a very strange experience for him. In the film ‘Gemini Man’, Smith is shown playing two different characters, one in which he will appear in the role of 51-year-old killer, and in the second role he will see the 23-year-old man who kills the killer. .

Academy Award-winning filmmaker Ang Lee has used cutting-edge visual effects to make Smith a young clone in his film. Smith said of his double performance, “When I first saw it, it was a very strange experience. It was me.” The actor further said, “I was looking at my 23-year-old format, as if someone had removed all the drawbacks from me.”

‘Gemini Man’ is an action-thriller film, in which Smith is in the role of an assassin named Henry Brogan, with whom suddenly an unknown and mysterious young man starts chasing, it seems as if the young man knows about every move of Henry is. The film is produced by Brookhymer, David Allison, Dana Goldberg and Don Grange.

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