Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me

The Episode begins with Mishka saying sorry, I upset the affection flying creatures. Prisha says no, I was simply instructing Rudraksh to wipe the floor. She picks the plate. She recounts to a story to Saransh. He sees her hurt and gets emergency treatment box. She says its somewhat cut. He says I m specialist’s child, I know more. He does the guide. Rudra comes and requests that he rest. Saransh says her hand got a cut, demonstrate it to Rudra. Rudra says indeed, show me. He sees her hand. He begins kidding. He says its a major crisis, we need to do the medical procedure. Saransh asks will anything transpire. Prisha says no, he is kidding. Rudra says you are so savvy, this is anything but a cut, yet a decent scratch, it will get fine, didn’t you see my face, I was controlling my snicker. He tickles Saransh. Pyaar ka ye bandhan… plays… . They snicker. Prisha and Saransh stimulate Rudra. Rudra leaves. Prisha makes Saransh rest. She proceeds to wake up Rudra,

Rudraksh says I will accomplish the work tomorrow, let me rest, are you going out. She says my patient has high fever, I m going, care for Saransh, he has online workshop tomorrow, wake him up. He says fine. She requests that he stay in bed Saransh’s room. Rudraksh goes. Prisha gets back home and converses with the medical caretaker accessible if the need arises. She goes to see Saransh. She sees Rudraksh dozing. She thinks where is Saransh. She awakens Rudraksh by tossing water. Rudraksh yells downpour and gets up. He asks what’s this awful conduct. She asks where is Saransh, he had online workshop. He says I was resting. She says I ought to have not confided in you. He says I will see him and come. He gets a note. He says Saransh has composed this. Prisha peruses, I m going on a drive with Niketan, I will come soon. She gets a call and says Saransh had earnest work, so he was unable to go to the workshop, so heartbroken, hear me out… The call closes. Prisha says Saransh is expelled from the workshop, as a result of you. Rudra says he can go along with whatever else. She gets Saransh’s message. He says even I got a message.

She says not once more. He peruses, what amount do you battle, you both will get rebuffed. Rudraksh says perhaps he returned and saw us battling. She says truly, in the event that he does anything to himself out of resentment. He says shut up, we will discover him. They get some information about him. Maa says you don’t consider him when you battle throughout the day. Prisha says we won’t battle now, where is he. Maa says he won’t come until you both end battles. Rudra says fine, we are companions. Prisha says yes. Maa says no need of the show, he won’t concur until you give verification of your companionship. She shows Saransh’s video. Saransh says I m upset, you don’t hear me out, I revealed to you ordinarily, don’t battle, you battle more, you need to get to know each other, share in any event five mystery individual things, this is your discipline, disclose to me then I will come out, else I will stow away at the spot, just Dadi knows it. Rudra says he is viewing numerous motion pictures. Maa says he is attempting to stop this war, have some disgrace, he is clarifying you. Prisha says you have perceived how Rudra battles. Rudra yells on her. They battle. Maa stops them. They request Saransh. Maa says I won’t let you know. Prisha and Rudraksh figure we can’t share individual things, its a torment, if you don’t mind help God.

Rudra clicks his pic and preferences it. Prisha accuses him. Rudraksh records her. She requests that he stop it and tell the five things. He says sorry, you state it first. She says I will call Maa. He says fine, I will say, I m a major rockstar, I m attractive, young ladies are prepared to bite the dust for me, I have numerous fans, I m fruitful, done. She says everybody knows it. He says for what reason will I share my own things. She says truly, yet we need to do it for Saransh. Mishka prepares. Ahana completes a call. She praises Mishka. She asks Mishka to ensure that the jewelry is seen well in the school’s video. Mishka asks what’s the connection between the neckband and video. Ahana says we need to make Prisha’s life damnation. They go.

Rudra calls Prisha. He says I chose to reveal to you everything, compose that you won’t advise this to anybody aside from Saransh, on the off chance that you do, at that point I will document a case on you, compose and sign. She asks don’t you confide in me. He says no, whatever you did with Rajeev. She says I m not here to hear this. He says at that point go. She says I can endure you and compose this for the good of Saransh. She composes and tosses the paper all over. She says we can do this soon, I like green shading, since you won’t begin saying. Vasu readies the food. Saransh gets Ahana’s video in Saransh’s school gathering. She says I can likewise begin online classes, children can learn music. Vasu sees Mishka wearing the accessory. Prisha asks whom do you loathe the most. Rudra says you. She says state something new. He says I abhor reptiles and cockroach.

She says you are terrified. He says no, do you warmly greet them. She says no, however I can hold them in hands, I have done analyzation of reptile. She startles him of reptile. He runs. She giggles. Maa looks on and giggles. Prisha says I just kidded, you are a major rockstar and frightened of reptile. Vasu says its my accessory, how did Mishka wear it. Saransh sits in front of the television. Maa calls Saransh and says Rudra and Prisha were giggling, your thought is working. He asks will I come. She says no, they won’t become companions in the event that you come. He says you additionally don’t remain there. Ahana says all the guardians will see the video. Mishka asks how might we realize that Vasu has seen it. Ahana says pause and watch, Vasu will think for what reason are you wearing her accessory. Mishka asks how could I get it. Ahana says persistence, let the mystery be. They snicker.

Precap: Saransh sees the red saree woman coming and covers up. He gets grabbed. Everybody searches for him. Controller says your foe would have done this. Prisha yells Saransh and swoons. Rudra looks her.


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