Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Bhuvan saying the nurse is good, she is taking care of the girl. Arijit says right, she is good, thank God Neeti is fine now. Bhuvan says we shall leave now, come. Arijit says Neeti’s state is not good, I can’t leave her. Bhuvan says doctors are with her, what can we do being here, why are you thinking much about your friend’s daughter, we will fall in trouble, its not right to take big risk. Arijit says yes, you are right, I m sorry, we shall leave, we will come later. Bhuvan says you get emotional for no reason.

Mihika asks did that girl shout seeing you, do you know her. Ishita says no, I didn’t see her, I was thinking if she knows me, if I know her. Mihika asks her to sleep. Ishita says I will call the nurse and then sleep. Its morning, Bhuvan meetsSunil. He asks why did you call me. Sunil says Natasha is arrested, she is in jail. Bhuvan asks what, when did this happen. Sunil says I thought you can help me. Bhuvan asks why did she get arrested. Sunil says Natasha bribed a technician to prove Raman is Shardul, that technician blamed her for murdering a psychiatrist. Bhuvan says tell me the truth, she killed the psychiatrist, right.

Sunil says no, she can’t murder anyone. Bhuvan says its tough to get her out without any proper proof. Sunil says we should talk to Arijit, he is a big man, he will help us, we helped him. Bhuvan says fine, but he is very clever, you have to do his work for this help. Sunil says I will do anything. Bhuvan says fine, I will talk to him. Bhuvan calls Arijit and says Sunil is ready to do anything for us, we will make him do this work. Arijit says great, no matter should reach me. Sunil asks will he help us. Bhuvan says yes, come with me.

Ruhi asks Mrs. Bhalla to see what she got for her, ginger tea with biscuits. Ishita asks her to go to office. Ruhi says dad and I will stay here, you and Mihika go and rest. Nurse comes and says doctor asked Ishita not to meet that patient again. Ishita asks how is she now. Nurse says she is fine. Raman asks what happened last night, tell me. Ishita tells everything. Raman says I told you not to meet her. Ishita says I was just trying to help. Ruhi asks him to calm down, relax. Mihika says we will go home now. Ishita, Mihika and Aaliya do the puja. Mihika says I have done arrangements for Kanjak puja.

Ishita says I m sure you have done it well. Aaliya says I m missing Pihu so much. Mihika says yes, it looks incomplete without Pihu. Ishita prays for Neeti. Mani comes home. Ishita says mummy ji got severe vertigo attack, she is admitted in the hospital, you avoid business because of our problems, so Raman and I didn’t tell you. Mani says let me decide it what’s imp for me, how is aunty ji, I will go and meet her. Aaliya comes. Mani asks why didn’t you tell me. Aaliya says sorry, I didn’t know to tell or not, we will go and meet her. Ishita says Raman is there, I will go for a shower now, its late. Mani asks Aaliya to get coffee for them. He asks what’s the matter troubling her. She tells about Neeti. Aaliya says Raman’s anger will melt down, just smile seeing him. Ishita says I m feeling bad seeing that girl. Mani asks what’s her name. Ishita says Neeti Guha. Mani says its familiar, Aaliya do you recall it. Aaliya says no, I told Raman about it.

Mani recalls and says the company illegally using my locker is Urja associates, its CEO name is Neeti Guha, that man was related to Neeti. Aaliya says right, its same Neeti. Ishita says you mean, she is behind this. Mani says yes, we should talk to her family. Ishita says her dad is careless, her nurse takes care of us. Mani says we will talk to her dad and find out. Aaliya says I will inform Raman, he isn’t answering. Mani says lets not waste time and go to the hospital. Neeti and Sunil come to the hospital. He asks Sunil not to be nervous. Sunil lies that he had come to check computer software. He reaches the computer room. Bhuvan gets his message. He replies just do as I say. He sees Mani, Ishita and Aaliya. Mani says I hope she is the same Neeti we are finding. Bhuvan alls Arijit. Arijit asks what, they were asking about Neeti.

Precap: Doctor says Neeti is not in a state to go out. Mani asks can we check the records. Raman says there is a virus in the computer system, maybe that man had come to install the virus program.


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