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YHM 11 Sep episode begins with Natasha and her brother pretend to take a flat in the building in which Bhalla family lives. . Here Raman makes a plan that only Natasha’s truth can be discovered by becoming Shardul.

Arijit comes to Natasha’s call, and she says that everyone’s mouths were off. Arijit says that with Natasha, he will drive you out of the house. In the building where Bhalla’s family lives, Natasha and her brother take a flat. There is a debate between Natasha and Karan, and the building society gives them a flat. Natasha messages Arijit and says that everything is fine. Raman says that I knew all this would not be easy, Shagun says I find some way to get this man out of here.

Shagun says I do something, but you people keep in mind that Raman could not get this power. Karan comes to Bhalla House, Raman is sitting sad. Raman says that I do not feel like eating, he starts eating at the behest of everyone. Natasha comes there and says why are you eating samosas, you don’t like samosas. After seeing the society member, Natasha starts to pretend and blames Ishita, and Natasha pretends to be unconscious.

Natasha’s brother comes there and starts saying why are you bothering my sister. Natasha and her brothers make Ishita evil in front of the society members. Natasha pretends, in front of the man, Natasha’s brother says that these people are troubling a lot. Natasha says what the poor Raman Bhalla will do now, Arijit Bhalla comes to the house and all the members of the house go here and there. Arijit tells Raman sorry I come at the wrong time, Ishita says that everything cannot be shared by you.

Arijit says that we should start the project as soon as possible or all the investors will run away. Raman says the office should be in office, Arijit leaves from there. Arijit pretends to talk on the phone, seeing Mani and Shagun. Mani asks Arijit that all is well, Arijit says that we have to start the project as soon as possible or else everyone will pull hands.

Everyone is sitting and talking about Natasha, Mani says that because of this the project should not be stopped. Raman says I have an idea, I have to become Shardul, Ishita says that by doing this we can get her to talk. Raman says that he will have to do this to bring out Natasha’s real face. The era says that it is very fast that we do not let it get trapped.

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