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The Episode begins with Ruhi asking wherein are your mother and father and Abir. Seema says my mother and father refused and left, Abir additionally left, I recognize they received’t agree. Ruhi says you need to understand them, they will agree if your love is real. Seema says i really like Abir. Ruhi says you have to provide it time. Seema says I determined what to do, do me a prefer, hold my bag with you, its my baggage, I decided to run away with Abir and marry him, please don’t refuse. Ruhi says quality, come. Manish clicks images. Ruhi maintains bag in the dickey. She says I experience you’re doing incorrect, you ought to communicate it out on your dad and mom. Seema says ok, i can. Ruhi hugs her and leaves. Manish says I got their photos, however what’s in the bag that Sahil asked me to click on pics. Ruhi reaches domestic and gets the bag. Bablu clicks images. Seema calls

Ruhi and asks did you reach home. Ruhi says sure. Seema says go away the bag within the vehicle dickey, what will you give an explanation for your mother and father if you take bag home, i will come the following day and take my bag. Ruhi says this is additionally right. Ruhi says I m assisting Seema, i will allow her calm down and talk to her the following day. She continues bag lower back inside the vehicle. Sahil says this bag will wreck them.

everyone sits to have breakfast. Raman comes. Simmi asks him to have breakfast. He says I ought to visit office and fulfill workers’ demand, we are able to face a big loss if factory is close. Ruhi asks how will our hassle get solved. He says we are able to shop workers’ activity with the aid of ending strike. Ruhi gets Shweta’s name and says we’re coming. She says people are on hunger strike. Yug says i can include you. Raman says no. Aaliya says take Adi with you, he’s going to help you. They depart.

Sharma protests towards Raman. Raman asks him to get out. Sharma says once our demands are met, nobody will go for work. Raman says I m giving double cash, what else do you want. Sharma says you slapped me in the front of everyone you need to make an apology to me. Raman asks for what? Mani says he won’t apologize. Sharma says i will lock the manufacturing facility. Ruhi says i can apologize to you. Raman says i can beat you up. Sharma says we received’t resume the paintings. Sahil calls Sharma. Sharma says Raman has to express regret to me. Sahil says make a video, Muskaan’s soul gets peace. Sharma says he is discussing with family, Ishita isn’t right here, own family contributors are there. Sahil says discover where is she, inform me while you discover.

Ruhi says you don’t need to express regret. Shagun says you ought to ask for forgiveness to them. Yug says they want Raman to plead, this could’t happen. the person asks Shweta in which is Ishita, name her, she will give an explanation for Raman. Shweta says I recognise but she is in London, we are able to’t call her. Sahil says so Ishita is in London, they lied to me about her, they’re seeking to act smart, i’m able to tell them, Ishita is blind to it. Shagun says you should ask for forgiveness, what’s the big deal, simply think about the enterprise. Mani says Sharma has backing from Sahil, if Raman says sorry, then they will ask for some thing else. Raman says stop preventing right here. Sahil asks did Ruhi find out whatever. Seema says no. Sahil says call her and ask her to come back to market, you shouldn’t be visible with her, don’t make any mistake. She asks him now not to worry. Shamshad says Seema has to do it if she has to store her existence. Seema calls Ruhi. Ruhi says no person has eaten some thing since the morning.

Raman calls Simmi and says you, mom and Mihika make food for my workplace personnel, employees and for us. Simmi says don’t worry. Mihika says we will make food and get it to office. Raman says great, perhaps they give up the strike. Mihika says i’m able to order large vessels for cooking. Shagun says I think this is a good concept. Seema calls Ruhi once more. She asks her to satisfy on the marketplace and get her bag. Ruhi says sorry, i’m able to’t come. Seema says my dad and mom went out, Abir and i determined to head these days. Shagun asks what passed off. Ruhi says my buddy is calling me to fulfill, however I said i’m able to’t come. Shagun says move and are available before Simmi receives the food. Ruhi says I m coming Seema. Seema calls Sahil and says Ruhi is coming.

Shamshad asks what, meals is being organized there. Bablu says they may be taking meals to office. Sahil says I realize what’s taking place, Raman wants to win the employees’ coronary heart by means of feeding them food, however I gained’t go away Raman so without difficulty, visit Raman’s office and add poison inside the meals, workers will quit strike and die, i will send Raman to prison. Shamshad says Raman is wrongly trapped, see this p.c. Ruhi waits for Seema. Seema comes there through concealing her face with headband. She makes excuses and takes bag from Ruhi. She thank you Ruhi for help. Ruhi says I have to go workplace. Seema hugs her and is going. Manish clicks photos. Seema leaves the bag close to a stall.

Precap: Shamshad says add this poison in the meals. the man goes to feature poison. Raman asks the employees to please have meals.


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