Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YHM 12 Aug episode begins with Ishita saves Raman, and gets him admitted to the hospital, after which the doctors do not allow him to meet Raman. Later, when the doctors speak to meet Raman, Ishita, Roohi, Alia, Karan all get scared after seeing Raman. Here Arijit is trying to meet Ishita, but Ruhi Karan and Yuga speak, they are in the office but do not want to meet anyone right now.

Raman is admitted in the hospital, Ishita speaks to meet the doctor. Here, Yuga, Ruhi and Karan get Arijit to fix Pooja’s plan. Arijit talks about meeting Ishita and Mani. Arijit speaks to the era, Ruhi and Karan, I am always with you. Ruhi speaks to Arijit that Ishita’s mother is our power, here Karan speaks to Ruhi and Yuga that there is some problem in Arijit, then he is talking to meet Ishita’s mother. Ishita is getting upset to meet Raman here. Here Arijit is thinking that Ishita is inside, so why is it not letting her meet.

Here Arijit listens to Ruhi to go to the hospital. Arijit gets hurt and Ruhi, Yuga and Karan leave for the hospital. Everyone reaches the hospital, the doctor tells them to prepare themselves comfortably and go inside. Ishita goes inside to meet Raman with everyone, seeing Raman’s condition, everyone gets scared. Everyone starts crying after seeing Raman, Ruhi comes out and Karan explains. Mani comes out with Ishita, Ishita says she is not Raman. Mani explains to him, the doctor also explains that Raman’s face looks like this due to the structure.

The doctor also tells about Raman’s voice, and says it will be fine. Karan asks the doctor how his father will look, he says Raman will be cured, this mater does. Ishita cries as Mani explains to her, then she understands. Here Arijit is furious and furious, calling Bhuvan and asks everyone to come home. Here Arijit is getting upset to find out about everyone, and thinks that there was no news of Raman since morning.

Ishita went away from there with Raman’s dead body, Arijit is wondering where he went with Raman’s death body, he cannot go to the hospital. Arijit thinks that Raman is not alive at all, he also thinks that Raman has seen me. I have to kill Raman, here Simmi and Mihika are talking about Raman, his mother asks where to go, Simmi makes an excuse. Raman’s mother becomes emotional thinking about Raman, Mani tells Simmi, Mihika and Bala about Raman.


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