Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YRKKH 12 Sep episode begins with Mihika and Simmi together plan to find out about Natasha, giving details to Yug , Yug comes to know in which hospital Natasha is being treated, when he goes there, Arijit sees it, and pretends not to let the doctor talk to Yug.

Mihika and Simi make some plans together, and Mrs. goes to meet Goyal. Mrs. Goyal is getting angry with Simmi and Mihika, Mrs. Goyal tells that Natasha’s brother has shown her husband’s photo. Mihika says Natasha is fraud, and she is Raman Bhalla. Mihika and Simmi tell Mrs. Goyal that we need your help. Mrs Goyal talks to see the documents submitted by Mihika and Simmi Natasha. Mrs. Goyal shows her the documents, Mihika and Simmi take out the details of Natasha from the documents. Here Raman’s presentation makes everyone happy in the office, Arijit says that Raman looks normal, something has to be done.

Mihika asks Ishita if there is a tablain hospital, Ishita says speak from the era to find out about this hospital. Mihika sends the address to Yug and he sends the hospitals to investigate. On Yug’s response, the receptionist refuses to give him the details, while Yug gets a friend of his. Yug talks to him about Natasha, Yug’s friend says, I will find out his details and tell you now. Here Arijit calls Natasha and says that something big has to be done because Raman is not at all upset. Yug’s friend tells him that many girls named Natasha are not admits, Yug says that there is definitely something.

Yug calls Ishita and tells that there is no patient named Natasha here. Raman says that I have to become Shardul to find out about this Natasha, Ishita and Ruhi say we are with you. While Yug is going to pick up Alia, he turns his attention to Natasha and her brother who are leaving from a hospital. Yug goes to the hospital and asks the receptionist if a patient named Natasha has just gone, so he speaks. Arijit gets an eye on such an era, Yug wants to meet the doctor and find out about Natasha, Arijit listens to all the things.

Arijit comes to his daughter and pretends where the doctor is, the nurse tells the doctor. Here the doctor tells Arijit that do not talk to the era, my daughter’s condition is due to this man. Arijit says that you do not know this man, he is a vicious man. The doctor says I do something, the nurse comes to the doctor and says that the doctor cannot meet you. The era goes, Arijit says that the era must be stopped. Arijit says I have to do something now, here Yug comes home and tells about Natasha and her brother.

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