Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YHM 13 Aug episode begins with Aaliya says Raman is fine, Mani called me here, specialists allowed us to see Raman. Ishita says we will go. Specialist says every one of you hear me out cautiously, you have to set yourself up, this can stun you, you shouldn’t cry when you see him, if patient gets passionate, it will influence the skin joining, come. They all go in and see Raman’s face bound. They cry a ton and go out. Ishita says this can’t be Raman. Mani says the specialist said Raman’s condition isn’t fine, you need to take a few to get back some composure, he tumbled down from much stature. Specialist says Ishita you have be solid, there are numerous medical procedures done, its a marvel, he has done great deeds, he got spared by your supplications. Specialist says we will know whether he will most likely talk or his voice will change, Raman is frail, since he escaped activity, he is sure, don’t lose trust, we are extremely positive that he will return, at any rate he is alive, have trust. Karan says I don’t have the foggiest idea on the off chance that I ought to ask this, will there be any adjustments in his face or will he appear to be unique. Specialist says the truth will surface eventually, I comprehend your feelings, he will return, express gratitude toward Lord he is alive.

Ishita cries and says for what reason did I go alone. Mani says its my error likewise, for what reason did I let you go alone, perhaps he would have irate and shot Raman on the off chance that he was somebody with you. Ishita says indeed, there was an expert marksman going for Raman. He says we need to simply concentrate on positives, stop this, we have much work, we have to bring Raman back alone, with the goal that he can begin his typical life once more. She says indeed, we need to guard him, this isn’t an ideal opportunity to cry, we must be solid. They gesture. Arijit gets back home and says how might I miss them, this shoe ribbon… … He calls Bhuvan and chides him. He inquires as to for what reason didn’t you pursue Aaliya. Bhuvan says you requested that I remain here.

Arijit says in what manner will I discover now. He supposes and says Bhuvan disclosed to me that Aaliya has gone out, it implies elderly folks individuals, Simmi, Mihika, Bala are at home, Ruhi, Karan and Yug have gone to the emergency clinic, Ishita and Mani are in the workplace, I haven’t got any report about Raman, the guard revealed to me that he didn’t locate any dead body there, so this implies Ishita took Raman’s dead body and left from that point, Ruhi, Aaliya, Yug and Karan look focused on, for what reason wasn’t I permitted to meet Ishita. He says perhaps Raman’s body is in the medical clinic, for what reason would they go there, they are enthusiastic about him, they would have cried a great deal for him, why, I ought to have focused, they are prepared to make Aaliya and Yug sit in puja, is Raman alive, I can’t accept this, how might he endure, that is unrealistic, Raman had seen me, I need to complete him, how would I do this. Mihika says we can’t proceed to meet Raman, mummy ji will question. Simmi says in the event that I saw Raman once, what reason will I make, Aaliya concocted a rationalization and left. Mrs. Bhalla inquires as to for what reason do you need a reason.

Simmi says I was revealing to Mihika that I need to meet Aaliya’s area ladies, I need to prepare them, they have begun weaving classes, I have a sprain and can’t go. Mihika says we need to help you as well. Amma says the sustenance is prepared, I didn’t cook anything, Mrs. Bhalla made every one of the things. Simmi says I need to eat well at that point. Mrs. Bhalla says I prepared sustenance for Ishita, I m missing Raman. She implores and cries. Amma reassures her. Bala says Raman will be fine, you have cooked with much endeavors, if Ishita sees you like this, it will be difficult to control her.

He asks Simmi and Mihika to accompany him to get serving of mixed greens and papad. They go. Mani converses with them. Mani says we couldn’t see Raman’s face, its secured with wraps. Simmi inquires as to why, how is he. Mani says he will be fine. Simmi says I need to see him. Mani says specialist won’t permit you, how is the circumstance at home. Bala says its leveled out, Amma and Mrs. Bhalla made south indian nourishment for Ishita. Mani says I don’t realize she will leave from here. Aaliya says we have to advise everybody at home. Ishita cries.

Precap: Ishita says Ruhi revealed to me that you needed to talk about puja. Arijit says truly, I saw Ruhi, Karan and Yug stressed, who is in the medical clinic. They get stunned.


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