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The Episode begins with Ruhi asking where are your folks and Abir. Seema says my folks can’t and left, Abir additionally left, I realize they won’t concur. Ruhi says you need to get them, they will concur if your adoration is valid. Seema says I adore Abir. Ruhi says you need to give it time. Seema says I chose what to do, help me out, keep my sack with you, its my baggage, I chose to flee with Abir and wed him, kindly don’t can’t. Ruhi says fine, come. Manish clicks pics. Ruhi keeps sack in the dickey. She says I feel you are fouling up, you should work it out to your folks. Seema says OK, I will. Ruhi embraces her and leaves. Manish says I got their pics, however what’s clinched that Sahil requested that I click pics.

Ruhi achieves home and gets the pack. Bablu clicks pics. Seema calls Ruhi and asks did you achieve home. Ruhi says yes. Seema says leave the pack in the vehicle dickey, what will you clarify your folks in the event that you take sack home, I will come tomorrow and take my pack. Ruhi says this is additionally right. Ruhi says I m helping Seema, I will disappoint her quiet and converse with her tomorrow. She holds sack back in the vehicle. Sahil says this pack will destroy them.

Everybody sits to eat. Raman comes. Simmi requests that he eat. He says I need to go to office and satisfy specialists’ interest, we will confront a gigantic misfortune if processing plant is closed. Ruhi asks by what method will our concern get fathomed. He says we can spare specialists’ activity by consummation strike. Ruhi gets Shweta’s call and says we are coming. She says specialists are on craving strike. Yug says I will accompany you. Raman says no. Aaliya says take Adi with you, he will support you. They leave.

Sharma challenges Raman. Raman requests that he get out. Sharma says once our requests are met, nobody will go for work. Raman says I m giving twofold cash, what else do you need. Sharma says you slapped me before everybody you need to apologize to me. Raman requests what? Mani says he won’t apologize. Sharma says I will bolt the plant. Ruhi says I will apologize to you. Raman says I will pummel you. Sharma says we won’t continue the work. Sahil calls Sharma. Sharma says Raman needs to apologize to me. Sahil says make a video, Muskaan’s spirit will get harmony. Sharma says he is talking about with family, Ishita isn’t here, relatives are there. Sahil says discover where is she, disclose to me when you discover.

Ruhi says you don’t need to apologize. Shagun says you should express sorry to learn. Yug says they need Raman to argue, this can’t occur. The man asks Shweta where is Ishita, call her, she can clarify Raman. Shweta says I know however she is in London, we can’t call her. Sahil says so Ishita is in London, they misled me about her, they are endeavoring to act brilliant, I will let them know, Ishita is ignorant of it. Shagun says you should state sorry, what’s the major ordeal, simply consider the organization. Mani says Sharma has backing from Sahil, on the off chance that Raman says heartbroken, at that point they will request something different. Raman says quit battling here. Sahil asks did Ruhi discover anything. Seema says no. Sahil says call her and request that her come to showcase, you shouldn’t be seen with her, don’t commit any error. She asks him not to stress. Shamshad says Seema needs to do it on the off chance that she needs to spare her life. Seema calls Ruhi. Ruhi says nobody has eaten anything since the morning.

Raman calls Simmi and says you, mother and Mihika make nourishment for my office staff, specialists and for us. Simmi says don’t stress. Mihika says we will make nourishment and get it to office. Raman says fine, perhaps they end the strike. Mihika says I will arrange enormous vessels for cooking. Shagun says I think this is a smart thought. Seema calls Ruhi once more. She requests that her meet at the market and get her sack. Ruhi says sorry, I can’t come. Seema says my folks went out, Abir and I chose to go today. Shagun asks what occurred. Ruhi says my companion is calling me to meet, however I said I can’t come. Shagun says proceed to precede Simmi gets the nourishment. Ruhi says I m coming Seema. Seema calls Sahil and says Ruhi is coming.

Shamshad asks what, nourishment is being set up there. Bablu says they are taking nourishment to office. Sahil says I realize what’s happening, Raman needs to win the specialists’ heart by sustaining them sustenance, however I won’t leave Raman so effectively, go to Raman’s office and include poison in the nourishment, laborers will end strike and kick the bucket, I will send Raman to imprison. Shamshad says Raman is seriously caught, see this pic. Ruhi sits tight for Seema. Seema comes there by covering her face with scarf. She rationalizes and takes pack from Ruhi. She expresses gratitude toward Ruhi for help. Ruhi says I need to go office. Seema embraces her and goes. Manish clicks pics. Seema leaves the pack close to a slow down.

Precap Upcoming Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode Update: Shamshad says include this toxic substance in the nourishment. The man goes to include poison. Raman requests that the laborers please have nourishment.


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