Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YHM 15 Aug episode begins with Mihika says we will have nourishment with them. They leave. Amma asks where did they go. Ruhi says Mani is unwell, they went there. Amma says Appa is carrying on unusual, he blows up and sits quiet. Ruhi asks will I converse with him. Amma says leave it. Ruhi thinks to converse with Appa. She takes nourishment for Appa. She requests that he have it. He says its great. She inquires as to for what reason didn’t you understand the riddle. He says I didn’t find the solution. Amma says you are champion in this. Appa blows up and goes. Amma says don’t stress, he will get fine. Ruhi ponders him or not.

Karan and Yug see the tall structure. Yug says I can’t accept, how might somebody do this with father. Karan says we will rebuff him once we know him. Mani comes there and says I checked all over the place, there is no cctv. Yug says that is the reason he called Ishita here. Yug says we will leave. Mani says what’s that sound. They go to see. They see the guardian. Mani says perhaps he had seen something, possibly he is likewise included. Yug says I have an arrangement. They go to him. The gatekeeper says simply leave, I will call the police. Karan says we are from CBI, a wrongdoing occurred there. Mani says a man tumbled down the structure, he was pushed down. The guard says I know nothing. Yug asks how would you count who come here. Gatekeeper says there is CCTV camera, come I will demonstrate to you, it was here, don’t have the foggiest idea where did it go. Yug says my father is in medical clinic, I won’t leave you. Guardian says I have cctv application in my versatile, you will see everything in it, perhaps you discover the man. They check the recording. Mani asks how is this conceivable, we should illuminate Ishita. Karan says I have taken the recording and erased it from your telephone, don’t advise this to anybody.

They proceed to meet Ishita. Ishita inquires as to for what reason did you come here. Mani says it was pixie to demonstrate this to you. She sees the recording and gets stunned seeing Appa. She says I can’t accept this. Mani says indeed, that is the reason we had come here. She calls Appa there. Appa comes and asks the issue. They demonstrate the video to him. She asks what were you doing there. He says I can’t let you know, else Raman’s life will fall in more peril. She says he is now in ICU, you can’t shroud it, let me know. He asks what, I got a call from obscure number, I heard Raman, I requested that he return home, he requested that I come and spare him, his life is in risk. She inquires as to for what reason didn’t you let us know.

He says I was stressed and didn’t tell anybody, I came to there and approaches that number, I got a message, I was approached to leave, I called again and didn’t traverse. She gets his telephone and approaches that number. She says its turned off, I got a message‚Ķ . I m Raman, I m in risk, it would be ideal if you help me. She says what does he need, for what reason is he disturbing us. Arijit says I m more brilliant than them, I called Appa there with the goal that his face gets caught in cctv, presently Ishita will be progressively befuddled, I m doing this so she educates me concerning Raman, I will keep on doing such messages to your family, I m a virtuoso. He tosses the sim. Karan says the number is off.

Ishita says he is doing this intentionally. Mani says indeed, since we didn’t do Raman’s last rituals. Ishita says truly, Raman’s life is in emergency clinic, Aaliya is separated from everyone else, I m stressed, I got Raman at a similar site, he called you and caught you in cctv. Ruhi says Raman is basic. Appa inquires as to for what reason don’t we know this. Yug says we were with father. Ishita says sorry, we didn’t need data to arrive at the aggressor. Appa says sorry, I couldn’t oversee it. Mani says don’t feel sorry, he is making us move, let us know whether you get any message. Yug says don’t advise this to anybody. Karan says we didn’t tell anybody at office. Appa says I need to meet Raman. Ishita says he isn’t well, you can meet him later. Karan says we will drop you to emergency clinic. Ishita says he will target mummy ji and Amma additionally, what will we do on the off chance that they get messages, simply screen their telephones. Ruhi says right, I will take their telephones. Ishita requests that Mani lie to them on the off chance that they call. Ishita leaves.

Aaliya says Raman’s circumstance is basic. Ishita asks Aaliya to return home. Ruhi cries and says I need to meet Raman. Attendant requests that they get drugs. Karan goes. Ruhi says I need to meet father. Ishita says you can’t meet him. Ruhi says please. Aaliya requests that her unwind. Ruhi says however he is my father, sorry. Aaliya says its alright. Attendant says I will ask specialist, you can see your father on the off chance that he says.

Precap: Ishita says I know you, I recollect your face, where did I see you. Yug asks what occurred. He stops Bhuvan and says for what reason are you not replying, tell something. Ishita takes a gander at Bhuvan.


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