Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YHM 15 Jul episode starts with Ishita inquires as to for what reason will anybody message me from Raman’s name. Aaliya says possibly another person has sent it. Ishita inquires as to for what reason are you so negative, what befell you. Yug asks Aaliya are you frantic, you ought to be glad. Aaliya says sorry. Ishita goes. Aaliya asks who has sent this message, its extreme to deal with Ishita, I will call Amma and Appa. Yug says I will call Shagun. Bala says who is going this. Amma says perhaps Raman is alive, he didn’t get onto the flight. Ishita says Raman will love his fav nourishment, we will stun him today, Ruhi you move on DJ music, OK, what’s the issue, are all of you upset that Raman is returning. Arijit says my message would have come to Ishita at this point, she would be cheerfully moving, trust me. He drinks.

Bala says we can comprehend Ishu’s condition, we went to carrier office, MD has demonstrated us traveler list, we got Raman’s wristband at accident site. Aaliya says Raman would get back home legitimately in the event that he was alive. Amma says I felt so. She cries. Aaliya says we need to deal with Ishita. Arijit says I want to be there to see this dramatization. He goes. Ishita says I feel so much harmony, Raman is returning. Shagun and Mani come. Ishita says the uplifting news is Raman is returning. Mani says its great, its from some other number. Shagun says we should call Raman. Mani says no, let me check. Ishita says indeed, call him. Shagun calls and says telephone is off. Ishita says possibly he isn’t in system zone or perhaps he obtained somebody’s telephone, or telephone battery is dead. Ruhi cries and goes. Karan pursues her. Mani says indeed, this occurs, I went defenseless on a trek when my telephone battery got dead. Shagun says we will attempt in morning. Ruhi says by what means will I clarify her that Raman won’t come, I feel defenseless. Karan says I wish I could discover who is making these messy diversions with her. Aaliya comes and embraces Ruhi.

Ruhi asks I feel tormented seeing her. Yug comes and consoles Ruhi. Karan asks when did Ishita get this message. Aaliya says we were with her. Karan inquires as to for what reason didn’t you clarify her. Yug says its extreme to do than saying. Bala comes and says shut up, Ishita is unwell and you both are battling like children, accompany me. Ishita says we should converse with monitor, he can follow number and we can reach Raman. Mani says sure, yet its late, we may converse with Raman tomorrow. She says I can hardly wait to think about him. Mani asks Simmi to get juice, lets commend, its an uplifting news. Simmi and Mihika go. Simmi includes Ishita’s medication in the juice glass. Ishita says I would prefer not to drink it. Mani requests that her beverage it, we ought to celebrate. Ishita drinks. She says its exceptionally scrumptious, expresses gratitude toward Simmi. Mani requests that her proceed to rest now. Ishita says I m much energized, I m all of a sudden inclination lethargic. Mihika takes her.

Shagun says Mani you didn’t come clean, what will reviewer do this. Bala says overseer will discover the individual who has sent the message. Shagun says we are playing with her feelings, she will cry however acknowledge reality. Mani says quiet down, we need to discover who is doing this. Shagun says that individual is exploiting. Mr. Bhalla says she is correct, we need to call guide and tell Ishita. Mani says we need to proceed with this show, we will leave now. They leave.

Bala and Mihika go to Ishita’s room. Mihika gets her telephone. Bala says I took the number from her telephone to illuminate overseer. Karan says that individual would have devastated the sim. Yug says let police discover. Karan says we won’t almost certainly discover him, I m astonished how Ishita made you anticipate head. Yug says I merit it, for what reason are you envious. Bala says enough, I thought you are reasonable. Ruhi and Aaliya likewise contend. Bala says you both don’t begin now, I m going to police headquarters. He goes. Mihika says stop it both of you, Ishita will wake up, I have no vitality to squander on you, think about Ishita’s condition once, go to office and battle, I don’t need this at home, leave.

Precap: Ruhi says you return home and begin acting, I will originate from office, none should realize we are doing this dramatization. Aaliya says none will know. Arijit says they are demolishing my arrangement, I need to accomplish something.


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