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The Episode begins with Ishita asking Raman for what valid reason did you alarm me. He says I woke up and didn’t discover you, I was stressed, who were you conversing with. She says Isabella, I met her in London, she called to know whether I came to securely, for what reason is everybody carrying on so abnormal. He says I need to ask you, for what reason are you carrying on bizarre. She says I m fine. She proceeds to call somebody. She says sorry, I called you Isabella, my better half had come here, so let me know. Shagun says its abnormal that Seema’s home was bolted, where did she go, did she disclose to you that she is leaving the city with Abir.

Mani asks are you certain it was the correct location. Ruhi says no, I came here, I don’t get it, what occurred, we were companions in school and wasn’t in contact, she looked content with her BF, I know nothing.

Shagun gets some information about Abir. Ruhi says no, for what reason guarded state that he doesn’t think about Seema and her family. Mani says perhaps that protect was new there. Shagun says don’t take pressure, I will discover at the police headquarters. Ruhi says I trust Seema and Abir’s name aren’t in the impact exploited people list. They get back home. Raman asks Ruhi not to stress, he has made her fav pasta. Mani says Shagun will discover everything, don’t worry about it. Raman says Ishita doesn’t think about Sahil. Ruhi says I don’t need her to stress. Mani says I will leave now.

Simmi says Raman has made your fav upma today. Ishita says I was feeling the loss of these parathas there, I was sitting tight for this. Simmi says have your upma. Mihika inquires as to for what reason is she carrying on odd. Aaliya says don’t have a clue. Ruhi welcomes and says I was with Shagun throughout the night. Ishita says great, its fine, Shagun is your mum. Ruhi gets pitiful. Ishita requests pickles. Everybody looks on. Raman asks Ishita where is your felicitation trophy. She says I have sent it to the facility, my aide had come to airplane terminal to me. He says we would have seen it. She says it is anything but a major ordeal, I have to a great deal to unload, don’t you need to go to office. He leaves. Ruhi says why I Ishita carrying on so weird. Shagun calls her and says Seema and Abir’s names aren’t in exploited people list, I will check at clinics, I m beyond any doubt that they are fine, is Ishita OK. Ruhi says she is acting in all respects strangely, Raman is stunned by her conduct, he said we should give her some time, however for what. Shagun says fare thee well, the end result for Ishita, I need to converse with Raman. Simmi gets tea for Raman and asks did he go to office. Ishita says I will have tea, he continues pestering, its great he left, search for my cream. Simmi gets her international ID and sees Shaina Shah on it. Ishita grabs the international ID and says I approached you to search for cream. Simmi asks what’s this, this international ID has your pic however name is Shaina Shah, for what reason does the ticket say Paris, what’s happening.

Ishita says nothing, simply unwind. Ishita focuses weapon at her. Simmi gets stunned. Mani says men can never get ladies, Shagun dependably amazes me, we comprehend our spouses well, congratulations, strike is finished, work began, I m cheerful you have Ruhi and Yug’s help, I need to state that he is a pleasant person. Raman says he has deceived me, he has put Aaliya to this condition. Mani says he is atoning for his mix-up, Yug adores her. Raman says Aaliya is upbeat as she expected him Adi. Mani says so we ought to acknowledge Yug as Adi, you said you see Adi in him. Raman says truly, however that time I didn’t know Karan planted Yug in our home. Mani says Yug is great, he has upheld us, individuals change, he merits another opportunity, you need his help. Raman says Ishita begins terminating me when she catches wind of Yug, I will converse with her. Simmi asks do you have a weapon. Ishita says its mine, hear me out, you will leave this room as though nothing has occurred. Simmi says Ishita, I mean Shaina, whoever you are. Ishita says who thinks about it, pixie thing is I need to execute you on the off chance that you tell anybody, don’t expand my outstanding task at hand, I won’t leave any individual who comes in my manner. Simmi says yes. Ishita says now you can go. Simmi worriedly runs out. Ishita calls somebody and says I was gotten, I took steps to slaughter Simmi.

Karan stops Ruhi and converses with her about office work. Ruhi says we will talk tomorrow, I need to go to emergency clinic. He asks are you fine. She asks did you go distraught to indicate counterfeit concern. He asks don’t I have some other work. She says sorry, I can’t confide in you again after what you did with us, you have sent Yug to our home, express gratitude toward God he is a pleasant person. He says sorry to learn you. She says sorry, I m stressed for Seema, she is absent. He says I will accompany you, we will check private emergency clinics close impact site, I totally comprehend that you imparted your concern to me, I will refresh you on the off chance that I discover anything. She expresses gratitude toward him. Rohan looks on and calls Karan. He says you have gone to meet Ruhi. Rohan sees Karan and asks are you tailing me. Rohan says I was simply checking whether you are doing as I stated, I confide in you, not bhallas, I m pleased with you. Karan requests that he return home. He says I must be cautious, I can’t cheat Ruhi once more, I truly adore her.

Precap Upcoming Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode Update: Ishita gets irate on Yug. Aaliya stops Ishita and takes steps to slit her wrist.


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