Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YHM 16 Aug episode begins with Arijit tries to kill Bhuvan, but Bhuvan is frightened and gets an accident. Chasing Bhuvan, Arijit reaches the hospital and comes to know about Raman.

Santoshi is suspicious of the children, Ishita is worried about Raman, and asks the doctor about Raman. Ishita goes to the temple, the rest of the households reach the hospital. Here Bhuvan is getting upset, he tells Arijit that Ishita saw him there. Arijit kills Bhuvan, and says that Ishita has seen you. This means that you are a kidnapper. Arijit asks Bhuvan, Karan and Ruhi have also seen, then he refuses. Arijit tries to kill Bhuvan and he saves himself and runs away. Arijit chases Bhuvan, to kill him.

Bhuvan gets an exit, Mihika asks the nurse to meet Raman, but she refuses. Mihika asks Ishita to go home, but she refuses. Everyone explains to Ishita, Mahika explains to Ishita that everyone is suspicious. Arijit comes to the hospital looking for Bhuvan and asks about Bhuvan. Arijit sees Karan in the hospital and starts wondering why he is here.

Karan goes to take medicine, so Arijit overhears the doctor and nurse talking about Raman. Arijit goes to the Chowk and says Raman Bhalla is alive, it cannot be. Arijit thinks that Raman has seen him, if he survives, he will recognize him. Arijit goes to see Raman’s condition, again the nurse tells him to leave from here. Arijit speaks to the nurse, please let me see Raman, even after the nurse refuses, he tries to go inside.

Upon Arijit’s request, the nurse takes him to see Raman for two minutes. Although he does not find anyone else inside Raman, Arijit speaks to the nurse that it is not Raman Bhalla. The nurse tells him to go outside, Karan sees Arijit, and starts chasing him, the nurse scolds Arijit again. Karan suspects Arijit, let us tell that only on Karan’s suggestion does the nurse mix Raman with someone else.

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