Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Ruhi saying Aaliya needs to proceed to check tests. Simmi likewise concocts a rationalization. Ruhi asks will we go now. Mihika says I need to get couple of things from market, will you drop me. Mrs. Bhalla asks by what means will all of you go together. Mihika says I will come soon. They leave. Mrs. Bhalla says I don’t comprehend their conduct, Mihika and Simmi are concealing something. Appa says let them proceed to do their work. He supplicates. Ishita asks nurture how is Raman. Medical caretaker says unwind, he is steady at this point. Specialist says he is in sedation, he is resting, you can’t meet him. Ishita says I will go to sanctuary and come. Yug says I will come. She says let me be separated from everyone else for quite a while. Ruhi and everybody come. Yug says Ishita has gone to sanctuary, father is steady at this point. Bhuvan gets back home and lies on the couch. He says I got spared, supervisor would have shot me. He sees Arijit and gets up. He says I tricked them and fled.

Arijit asks what do you mean. Bhuvan says Ishita had seen me. He tells everything. Arijit slaps him and says Ishita has seen you, she realizes that you are the executioner, you think they are tricks, they will slaughter you first and afterward me, pause, did Karan and Ruhi see you there. Bhuvan says no, they weren’t there. Arijit says it implies Ishita doesn’t have any acquaintance with you are my man, you leave from here, far, I will slaughter you. He suffocates Bhuvan. Bhuvan runs. Arijit says you need to bite the dust today. Bhuvan gets hit by some vehicle. Group assembles. Arijit looks on. Attendant says I can simply keep blossoms close to his bed. Mihika asks would we be able to see Raman. Medical attendant says you can see him in couple of days. Mihika says its Appa’s call. Appa asks is everything fine there. Mihika says yes. Appa says get Ishita home, Amma and Mrs. Bhalla are questioning, they are stressed for Raman. Mihika says fine, we will come.

She approaches Ishita to get back home for quite a while. Ishita won’t. Aaliya says father needs you, you need to fare thee well. They all demand. Arijit says its better if Bhuvan passes on, else it will be an issue for me. He asks nurture and proceeds. He sees Karan. He stows away. Karan says let me know whether you need anything. Arijit gets some information about Bhuvan, no. Karan goes. Arijit says I just observed my companion Karan, is he OK. Medical caretaker says sorry, I can’t give you subtleties. Arijit says I was discovering mishap case, where is crisis ward. She says that way. Specialist asks did you check Raman’s heartbeat, how is he now. Arijit gets stunned and says Raman is alive, he is here, this can’t occur, how could that be, in the event that he gets spared, at that point… .that is the reason they need to conceal it, Raman has seen my face, no I have to check his condition, he is basic, he can’t get spared, no… ..

He gets some information about Raman. She requests that he go. He says I m his relative, I simply need to meet him, you can ask anybody. She says his wellbeing isn’t fine, you can’t meet him. He says I simply need to see him once. Medical caretaker gets a call. He attempts to go in. She stops him. He says one final time. She says alright, only two mins, you need to change and go in. He gestures. He requests that he wear sterile garments and veil. He wears that and comes. She takes him to the ward. She makes the patient turn. Arijit sees him and says this isn’t Raman Bhalla. She says we are treating him since 3 weeks. He says however this isn’t Raman, attempt to comprehend, sorry. She requests that he go. He proceeds to return once more. She says I have given you a chance to meet Raman, presently you are stating this isn’t Raman, are you lying, who are you, what’s your name. He says I m going, he isn’t Raman, I had a misconception. He proceeds to state express gratitude toward God this isn’t Raman, I was thinking how he got spared. Karan looks on. Arijit says I will proceed to sort Bhuvan’s issue. He goes. Karan pursues. He supposes what is he doing here. Medical caretaker asks Arijit to leave. Arijit says I m discovering Raman. Medical attendant calls security. Arijit goes.

Karan thinks for what reason is he so inquisitive. He asks nurture what did he say, we know this man. Attendant says I felt he is peculiar, he was getting some information about mishap case. Karan says I should discover, much appreciated. Attendant says its great you called me. She reviews Karan requesting that her trick Arijit and take him to other room. She says we will be cautious. Karan expresses gratitude toward her. He supposes who is in crisis room, I need to discover.

Precap: Arijit drinks and says I will discover, what Ishita did with Raman’s dead body. Raman asks is my family here. Everybody sees Raman. They get stunned.


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