Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Karan and Yug go to her. Ruhi grins and signs Aaliya. Ishita sees Raman’s pic and cries. Yug says we won’t go anyplace, Aaliya is enthusiastic. Karan says Ruhi didn’t imply that. Ishita says I can see this plainly, for what reason are you saying this, there is something that you both are disturbed. Karan and Yug state nothing. Ruhi and Aaliya grin. Yug says all is well. Karan says you disclosed to us that we are your columns, we guarantee we won’t battle once more. She says kindly don’t battle. They embrace her. Aaliya asks is Ishita fine. Yug asks Aaliya not to begin it once more.

Ruhi says quit going about as though you give it a second thought, this is occurring a direct result of you. Yug requests that they stop it now. Karan says you are battling before Ishita, she is in torment, we can’t inconvenience her, she needs us now. Yug solicits Aaliya not to talk from going out. Karan says we will deal with our disparities, we won’t hurt Ishita. They go. Ruhi and Aaliya grin. Yug and Karan eat together and acclaim the sustenance. Karan gets frozen yogurt for Yug and feeds it by his hands. Everybody grins.

Simmi sees some news and asks Aaliya to come and see the article on her task. Aaliya says so decent. Simmi asks Ruhi to see. Ruhi says pleasant, I need to leave for my gathering, well done Aaliya. She demonstrates the keys to Aaliya and goes. Aaliya says I have a gathering with the territory ladies, will I demonstrate to them the magazine, they will be so glad. Ruhi and Aaliya go to the level. They state our arrangement worked and embrace. Aaliya says I came up with a rationalization to Simmi and come. Ruhi says we are coming up with rationalization to meet. She gets some terrible stench. Aaliya says I likewise saw, gives up. Ruhi drops the keys and goes to see. They get stunned seeing some dead body lying there. Arijit says trust me, they will be stunned seeing the dead body. His collaborator says I made some man do this work, I had cut CCTV wires when he did this work.

Arijit says great work and tosses cash. He says none should question me, reveal to me who did you execute. His collaborator says its some unclaimed body from medical clinic mortuary. Ruhi says we ought to go to police. Aaliya says truly, police will question on us, they won’t hear us out, we ought to go. Arijit says I have done this to win the trust of the family, I recognize what I m doing and why, trust me. Mani returns home. Ishita says I was coming to office. He says I have come to discuss the occasion. Ishita says we should converse with Arijit, I m so energized, its Raman’s fantasy venture, we will have its excellent opening. Mrs. Bhalla proceeds to cry seeing Raman’s pic. Simmi supports her. Ishita goes to see them. Simmi says on the off chance that we are as one, this awful occasions will go.

Ishita asks Simmi to reprimand Raman when he comes, he didn’t call or message, remain annoyed with him, he crossed limits this time. Mihika says Mrs. Bhalla couldn’t care less for us by any stretch of the imagination. Ishita says we as a whole cherish you a great deal. Mani asks Mrs. Bhalla to give him some consideration, Shagun went for meeting and I feel disregarded. Mrs. Bhalla says fine, we will spoil you three. Ishita requests that they come and examine the occasion. Mani enjoys the espresso a great deal. Simmi says I took in it from my south indian bhabhis. Ruhi and Aaliya come. Bala comes and holds Ruhi. Ruhi shouts. Bala says its me, what occurred. Ishita asks what occurred. Ruhi says meeting got dropped so we returned home. Aaliya says yes. Bala says you shouted so noisy, I got much frightened. Yug asks Aaliya is there any issue. Aaliya says nothing. Karan says you both yelled as though you have seen a dead body. Ruhi asks what. Arijit comes and looks on.

Precap: Ruhi tells about the dead body. Police comes there. Ishita says I wish I could get one message from Raman. Driver gets some information about Raman Bhalla, he went in my taxi some days back.


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