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YHM 18 Jul episode begins with Ishita and Mani suspect that Raman has not done anything, he has been kidnapped. Because of which, together, they plan together, Ishita joins the plan, the age, the alia, the rahi and the karan. Ishita pretends to fight with Mahiika to make her plan sucessful.

Arigit arrives where Raman is kept on the Kidnap, Raman is sleeping. Arijit remembers how he kidnapped Raman. Arigit keeps Raman alive by giving drugs to Raman and says that this is just the beginning, what will look forward to it. Ariji tells Raman that Ishita will keep looking for you. If you do not find it, then you will think that all the people who died will be very agitated. Karan and the era know that Alia and Rudi used to fight falsehood and to eliminate the war of the era. Ruhi says there was no better plan than this to convince you people. Once again the era and Karan start fighting. Aliya says you guys can finish this fight, you do not understand that someone is taking advantage of our fight. Aliya says that it can be a person who is troubling by messaging a father.

The era says that someone is aware of our weakness, so he is doing this. Karan realizes that whatever he is, Ishi wants to break the mother’s support, so it is doing so. Ishita tells Mani, I do not understand where we should go to the police if we look for Raman, then we should go to the police. Ishita says that someone has tried to deceive Ruhi and Alia, and whoever has done this, Raman also has him. Ishita says that if we go to the police, she will become alert and can also harass Raman. Ishita says we have to hide Raman by hiding and I can do this. I have a plan. I have a plan. Simmi says to Ruhi Alia, do not hang face.

Ishita comes and is very happy, everyone asks you, you are very happy, she says that I think Raman will be coming back. There is no parcel for Ishita, Mangalasutra comes in parcel, which Ishita is very happy to see. Mihica speaks Ishita’s Mangalasutra worn. Mahika says it will not happen and she says that Jiju will not come back. Ishita starts fighting with Mahiika and says you are my enemy. Ishita says whatever will keep such thinking, it will be my enemy. Ishita takes a knife on the throat of Mahihika, starts knocking on all. Everyone tries to control Ishita, but she is sitting on the loose.

Ishita Aliya tells Ruhli era and Karan that I was feeling someone had kept an eye on us, so did the drama. Mani tells that by telling the cab we were coming from, it seems like Raman is alive. Ishita says that I want you to put me in an asylum, she says to find Raman, then she will have to do it. Here, everyone understands Mohiika, Ishisha Shara plan explains. Arigit Bhalla House comes, everyone tells him that Ishita’s health has become worse. Arijit thinks in mind that some Ishita does not know about Raman. Ishita plays together with everyone, Ariji is happy that Ishita is losing her mental balance.

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