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The Episode begins with Yug getting back home. He says who is that man, who needs to meet me. He goes to room. Aaliya embraces him. He says sorry, I got terrified. She says you are my better half, I don’t care for you living in visitor room. He says I will go to our room after the ceremonies occur. She says I was viewing a film with Ruhi, how could you get back home so early, you aren’t tanked, you are a decent kid. He says I m your kid, proceed to rest now. She says I will see your gathering pics. He grabs telephone and says I will indicate it later. She says fine, I would prefer not to converse with you, I don’t have the foggiest idea why you are acting unusual. She goes. He says sorry, I don’t need you or this family to get vexed as a result of me. Raman says I will call Ishita, goodness, battery dead, I didn’t get my vehicle. He sees a few men keeping a major box. He stows away inside the case. The men take the case inside. Sahil and Shaina drink.

Raman gets in and covers up. Police comes to strike the club. Raman says a major wear is here, my better half is with him, get him. Goons state we have tossed him out, he is smashed and saying rubbish. Raman says my better half is in this club, discover her. Investigator says call the general population here. He asks Raman to state who is her better half. Goon says toss him out, he is smashed. Raman says perhaps I got mixed up. He demonstrates his ID to controller. Overseer requests that he return home, perhaps he is truly flushed.

Raman gets back home. Mr. Bhalla asks what occurred. Raman asks is Ishita home. Mr. Bhalla says no. Raman says her life is in risk, don’t have the foggiest idea what will Sahil do, accompany me, we need to discover Ishita. Ruhi says quiet down, she went for crisis. Raman says she isn’t home. Shaina originates from upstairs and says Raman… . He gets stunned. She asks what are you saying. He says say thanks to God you achieved home securely, you were at the club. She asks are you tanked, for what reason will I go to the bar. He says individuals were presenting you as Shaina Shah, you didn’t worry about it. Ruhi asks what, Sahil’s better half. Shaina says I was calling you, your telephone was turned off. He says battery was dead, for what reason are you lying. She says you are fantasizing, you need rest, come and take rest. He says don’t lie, say reality, I went there to meet my companion. She inquires as to for what reason did you get so alcoholic, I wasn’t there, I dozed while sitting tight for you, you can’t accuse me. He says I didn’t drink, stop drivel. Mrs. Bhalla says stop it, proceed to rest, we will talk toward the beginning of the day. She goes. Ruhi figures for what reason will Raman say as much, something isn’t right. Raman asks Ishita what’s the issue. She says not again it would be ideal if you what would you like to hear, I went to center, call my partner and see. He says I have seen you, don’t lie. She says I m not lying, I wasn’t at any lodging, yet at work.

Ruhi offers tea to Simmi. Simmi says I had resting pills and dozed. Ruhi says so you didn’t wake up on Raman’s yelling, Raman and Ishita had a contention around evening time, Raman has seen her at the lodging with Sahil, Sahil called her his better half Shaina Shah. Simmi stresses and drops the tea. Ruhi asks what occurred, are you OK, let me know. Simmi says nothing. She goes. Ruhi says for what reason is she carrying on so unusual, I need to converse with Raman. She goes.

Sahil asks how policed reach in the dispatch, how could they think about our gathering. Shamshad says I will discover. Sahil says nobody has set out to challenge me, who is it, discover, it perhaps risky, we missed a major ordeal yesterday, we may have enormous misfortune. He says its great somebody educated Manish and we left from that point in time. Raman says for what reason is Ishita misleading me. Mani comes and says I m truly awed, after a sentimental date, you have come to office early. Raman asks what date. Mani says you have gone out on the town with Ishita, I have seen her at the club stopping, she was in rush to meet you, she didn’t hear me out, I called you, it didn’t associate, I comprehended you both would prefer not to be come to. Raman says it implies she was there, she said she wasn’t there, he was at the facility, I have seen her, she didn’t concur, it was a reality as you have seen her as well, she had come there with Sahil. Mani asks what. Raman says Sahil was calling her as his significant other, is Sahil extorting Ishita, I don’t have the foggiest idea about what’s happening, I need to ask Ishita. Mani says you need to ask her. Sahil says Raman was there at dispatch, possibly he had seen Ishita, and educated police. Rohan approaches worker to make extraordinary sustenance for supper, Ruhi is going to come.

Karan asks what, I didn’t call her. Rohan says call her now, you guaranteed me. Aaliya asks Simmi for what valid reason are you in room, have the soup, will I check your BP. Simmi drinks soup and hacks. Shaina comes and says its great you are having it, you need nourishment, we will go for shopping together. Aaliya says that is an incredible thought. Simmi says no, I m not feeling admirably. Ishita says fine, we will go on a lengthy drive, that will be entertaining. She asks Aaliya to get the organic products. Simmi says no Aaliya, don’t go anyplace, I needn’t bother with organic products, be here. Shaina says you have shortcoming, eat the natural products. Aaliya goes. Shaina says don’t get terrified, all around done, I m glad for you, you didn’t tell anybody. Simmi says I realize you aren’t Ishita, you are Sahil’s better half Shaina, who resembles Ishita. Shaina says don’t have a clue. Simmi says Ruhi let me know everything. Ishita says possibly its a falsehood or truth, who will trust this, I m cheerful you didn’t tell anybody, you spared your family, continue doing this. Aaliya comes. Simmi wipes her tears. Shaina bolsters the apple to Simmi. She goes. Simmi cries.

Precap Upcoming Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode Update: Mr. Bhalla sees Ishita’s vehicle and yells to her. Shaina leaves. Mr. Bhalla pursues her. He gets hit by her vehicle. He admonishes Ishita at home.


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