Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Ishita pronouncing I m going to the clinic. Mihika says in case you tell mummy ji that you’re going to peer Mani, she can doubt. Ishita says I have to pass. Mrs. Bhalla comes and says I want to talk to you, Mani and you were looking for Raman, Mani is sick, you are handling on my own. Ishita says you must relax. Mrs. Bhalla says I m getting scared, is Raman safe or not, I m afraid that the man has….. Ishita says don’t think so, we are able to discover Raman, please relax. Mrs. Bhalla asks are you hiding some thing from us. Mihika asks what are you pronouncing. She exams the door and says Mrs. Sharma, you… Mrs. Sharma asks is the entirety first-rate, in which is Santoshi, is everyone sick at home. Mrs. Bhalla says I m pleasant.

Mrs. Sharma asks is everybody admitted in health center. Mihika attempts to change the topic. Ishita says nobody. Mrs. Sharma says i have visible Ruhi and Karan, he got drugs. Ishita says Karan’s friend is struggling with Malaria. Mihika says they will go to their buddy after workplace hours. Mrs. Sharma says we will go to Pammi’s house collectively. Mrs. Bhalla says you go, i’m able to include Mr. Bhalla. Ishita says I need to pass and meet clients. Mrs. Bhalla says drop me on the way. Ishita asks shall I e-book a cab for you. Mrs. Bhalla says no want, i’m able to just come. She is going to Mr. Bhalla.

She asks him to come speedy. He asks what’s the matter. She says we’re going out, if each person asks you, say we are entering into Kirtan, Ishita is hiding something from us. He asks what. She says I don’t understand, its something associated with Raman, Arijit additionally stated about clinic, Mrs. Sharma asked Ishita about the health facility, I felt something is fishy. He says we shall go.

Karan says I sense Arijit is in the back of this, he was determined to fulfill Raman. She says I didn’t wish for this. Karan says don’t worry, he doesn’t recognise Raman is here, he took this information and went, Raman will get shifted to normal room. They get stunned seeing Mrs. Bhalla and Mr. Bhalla. They ask Ishita didn’t she regard their age, how should she cover it from them. Ruhi says don’t blame Ishimaa. Mrs. Bhalla says I requested you normal about Raman, you didn’t inform us, you are his spouse, however I m his mum, why did you do this. Ruhi says please don’t get angry, its no longer Ishita’s fault. She says Raman is critical, Ishita didn’t desire to provide you anxiety. Mrs. Bhalla says I want to fulfill him. Mr. Bhalla says we’re his parents, we will meet him. Ishita says loosen up, pass and meet him, agree with me, it won’t be easy to peer him, its excessive time now, all of us should know his fact.

Mrs. Bhalla goes to look Raman. She cries and kisses his hand. She is going out and cries. She says his head and face are protected with bandages, you could’t see him. Ishita says sorry, I didn’t tell you as I didn’t wish to hurt you. Mrs. Bhalla apologizes. Ishita says sorry, I lied to you, I didn’t tell you, you’re his mum, sorry. They ask how did this appear. Ishita says it was a terrible twist of fate, don’t ask me the information. Karan says his face changed into damaged, he had undergone a surgery. Ishita says I used to come here to look Raman, Bala and youngsters helped lots, Appa knows about Raman, don’t scold him, its not his fault.

Mrs. Bhalla asks is a person posing chance to Raman. Ishita says we can tell you. Ruhi takes Mrs. Bhalla. Karan says Raman gets quality soon. Mani says what would they be going via. Ishita says I sense horrific to cover this from them, its now not fair. He says what might we do, we have to make certain that Raman recovers, something is inaccurate with Arijit, he isn’t a good guy. medical doctor says i’ve a top notch news, Raman is out of danger, his facial accidents are healed, we can shift him to everyday recovery room, his bandages can be eliminated, be prepared, there are scars on Raman’s face, he would possibly look specific, he ought to now not see his changed face inside the mirror. Ishita asks Mani will everything be first-rate. Mani says yes, sorry I got an imp call. He asks what, are you positive, inform me if you discover something.

He says I hired a personal investigator, he’s pronouncing Neeti is useless. She asks who’s strolling that enterprise. He says don’t recognise. Arijit says ideal, Mani is convinced that Neeti isn’t alive, no person have to recognise that she is alive, how she is linked to me, i’m able to find out if Raman is alive. He beverages. Mani says I m positive a person could be linked to Neeti. Ishita says we could have without problems found our enemy if we had caught that guy. Bhuvan is taken on the stretcher. Its morning, medical doctor asks nurse to call his circle of relatives. He asks how are you feeling today. Raman nods. medical doctor says I m going to cast off your bandages, are you geared up. Nurse says you all can also are available in, don’t supply loud reactions once the bandages are removed. medical doctor removes the bandages. all of them cross in and hear Raman’s voice. Raman asks is my own family right here. health practitioner says yes, you could see and meet them. Raman turns to them. They get stunned seeing his face absolutely modified.

Precap: Mrs. Bhalla says I don’t think that is my son, his face is specific, even his voice is specific, he isn’t Raman. Bhuvan says I got to know your secret, you tried to kill Raman, he is alive, i have seen him, Ishita is hiding this from all and sundry.


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