Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Karan says that is the reason he focused on us to break Ishita’s help, who is this man. Ishita asks where will we discover Raman, we ought to go to police, they can look at CCTV and discover the vehicle. Mani says flower specialist said the CCTV isn’t working. She says even the CCTV camera of our structure wasn’t working, by what means would this be able to occur, somebody deliberately did this to trap Ruhi and Aaliya, perhaps he has Raman, he will get alarm and realize that we know Raman is alive. Mani says indeed, Raman is with him. She says he can hurt Raman and edge us. He says truly, we need to unwind, we can’t look tense. She says he knows cap I m not in stable perspective, as I trust Raman is alive, I realize what to do. He says I will think what to do now. She says we will search for Raman subtly, I have an arrangement. He asks what. She lets him know. Simmi says Ishita will get tense on the off chance that she sees you like this. Ruhi says truly, we will go to the kitchen and help. Ishita comes and welcomes everybody. She says I m so cheerful, I feel Raman will return today. Simmi says extraordinary news. Mihika says this bundle is for Ishita. Ishita asks who has sent it. She checks it and shows to them. They all observe the mangalsutra.

Ishita says this is unfathomable. Ishita says Raman is astounding, he has sent this when he is coming, make me wear it. Mihika says you can’t wear it, it would be ideal if you comprehend, Raman is gone, he won’t return. Ishita pushes her and says who are you to state this, you are desirous of me, your significant other is abroad, you don’t need my better half to return, you are my foe, I m sure that Raman is alive, for what reason would you like to demonstrate that I m frantic, you won’t beieve this, you are getting a charge out of. Mani comes. Ishita says I will put a conclusion to this. She takes a blade and gets Mihika. Everybody asks Ishita to stop it. Ishita goes to room and searches for something. Ruhi and everybody ask what are you finding, what occurred.

Ishita asks every reasonable Manus. He says truly, I didn’t discover anything, we are simply checking if there are shrouded cameras. Ishita says indeed, I m sorry, I needed to out up this demonstration. Mani says we feel that Raman is invigorated, a taxi driver let us know… . He tells everything. Ishita says I needed to accept this way, sorry, I wish that all of you place me in a haven. Karan inquires as to why. Ishita says we have no alternative.

She says I will carry on such, I need to avoid here to discover Raman, somebody is watching out for us, Raman is alive and missing. Mrs. Bhalla says in what manner can Ishita do this. Mihika says no, it was my issue, I ought to have made her wear the mangalsutra. Simmi says no compelling reason to accuse yourself, she couldn’t acknowledge Raman’s demise, we ought to get her. Amma and Appa come. Amma says I have made Ishu’s fav dish, where is she, what occurred. Aaliya asks in what capacity will you remain away. Ishita says I will oversee, I need to discover Raman. Karan asks are you certain that Raman is alive. Mani says truly, Raman had met with a mishap, somebody is watching us, I don’t have the foggiest idea if Raman is hijacked. Ishita says that man shouldn’t know this present, Raman’s life could be in risk.

Ruhi asks how might you go to shelter and search for father. Ishita says the haven administrator is my companion, she will enable me to get away, I will search for Raman, hijacker won’t know it, I need your assistance. Yug asks what will we tell the family. Ishita says they will concur when you persuade them, it is conceivable. Mrs. Bhalla says she is in live with the kids. Amma asks Mihika for what reason are you crying. Arijit comes and says I have come here at a terrible time. Mr. Bhalla says no, Ishita is unwell. Arijit says I will call a specialist. Mrs. Bhalla says no need, Mani is with her. Arijit ponders Raman. Ishita says I addressed her, they will recommend and support you. Karan says it won’t be anything but difficult to remain there.

Ishita says Raman is in greater threat, the individual is getting a charge out of observing us endure, we need to act soon, this is the main way. Karan says it sounds exceptionally hazardous. Mani says we have no time, that man is hazardous. Karan says fine, we will go with your arrangement. Ishita says there shouldn’t be any contrasts between you. Somebody thumps the entryway. Ishita says we need to act. They all toss the casings and make sounds. Ishita yells leave me hand. Everybody yells to her. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla hear them yelling. Ishita says Mihika is desirous of me, control her. Simmi asks Ishita to open the entryway. Mrs. Bhalla says she has a breakdown. Mihika says I will apologize to Ishita. Simmi says its better that nobody converses with her, I will give this juice to her. Arijit thinks at long last, Ishita is losing her psychological equalization, its great.

Precap: Ishita spits the prescriptions. Arijit comes and uses chloroform to make Ishita oblivious.


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