Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Amma and Mrs. Bhalla coming from buying. Mrs. Bhalla sits tired. Amma says my legs aren’t aching, you have got got antique. Mrs. Bhalla says how dare you name old, are you young. They argue and snicker. Simmi says Amma is so candy, mum has become cheerful because of this. Mihika says I experience bad for Amma, she is pretending to be very well only for mummy ji. Simmi says I just desire we discover Raman and Ishita quickly. Mihika says i can get espresso for Amma. Mrs. Bhalla receives a call and says thank you, i can come the following day. She says it become Soluchana’s name, she is a well-known astrologer, she tells future, large human beings visit her. Amma asks will you cross there. Simmi asks what’s this. Mrs. Bhalla says you won’t apprehend this, we are able to get a few clue about my youngsters. Simmi says those humans are fraud, what will you do, will you convert your destiny, you can’t change it, properly could happen to us if we do proper deeds. Mihika says sure, they may be fraud, they may dope us for cash.

Mrs. Bhalla says Pammi told me that astrologer told the right thing. Simmi says even Raman might have now not agreed to this. Mrs. Bhalla says nice, but i’m able to go there, I want to understand about my kids. She cries. Amma says if she believes in this, allow her move. Simmi prays. Karan says they’re making the Biryani, we should call Yug. Simmi asks what, Yug got Ishita’s anklet. Mani is in conceal of a bad guy and talks to Simmi on name. He says yes, deal with absolutely everyone at domestic, we’re going to discover Ishita. She says I sense a person else is behind this. Mani tells the caterers call. Simmi says tell me in case you locate Ishita. She ends the decision. Arijit comes to test Raman and says he’s regaining recognition. He injects Raman and says I forgot my telephone inside the automobile, they would have despatched me live area.

The guys take a seat speaking about Arijit’s orders. Karan and Ruhi look on. Ruhi says we could cross inside and check. Karan says we ought to await Mani. The guys says we don’t understand who has hidden and whom. Arijit leaves in the vehicle. He assessments his cellphone and says the battery were given lifeless, I broke Bhuvan’s smartphone, how to call them, Ishita have to remain hidden there, thankfully those human beings don’t know that i have hidden Ishita in that drum. Karan and Ruhi wait. Mihika comes and asks Simmi what passed off. Simmi says a caterer is at the way. Mihika asks why, there may be no function at home.

Simmi says sure, Yug has located Ishita’s anklet in caterer’s godown. She tells the whole thing. She says what enmity could the caterer have with us, I known as him to ask him and help Mani, we will find out who afflicted Raman and Ishita. Mihika says this caterer can be dangerous, there’s no one at home. Simmi says I m now not scared, i’m able to ask him and find out. Mihika says ok, we could discover, i will hold pepper spray and chilli powder equipped. Mani comes and gets in Karan’s vehicle. Karan asks wherein are Aaliya and Yug. Mani says they’re close, they can help us if we’re caught, wherein is Ishita. Ruhi says they need to have hidden Ishita inside the tempo, don’t understand where did they cover her, maybe they made her fall subconscious. Karan says as soon as they arrive lower back, ask them for paintings, try to get them inside, Ruhi and i will check the pace. Mani says sure, Aaliya and Yug instructed me the plan. Mani is going to them. Ruhi says be careful, they shouldn’t damage Ishita.

The man asks did you speak to boss. the opposite guy says no, i’m able to ask him to ship money. the man says this drum is very heavy, we are able to take it interior. Mani says permit me assist you. the man asks who’re you, how did you come back right here. Mani says I m a prepare dinner, i was locating paintings, i will paintings with you. the man says we don’t want anybody. Mani says i can easy the residence and wash utensils. the person says we will’t rent you, cross from right here. Ruhi says they aren’t hiring Mani.

Karan says I m positive Mani will do some thing. Mani says quality if you don’t pay, provide me a few food, I m ravenous considering that 2 days. the person asks do you already know cooking. Mani says sure. the person asks him to cut onions. Ruhi says i hope Mani does the drama well. Arijit receives a new cellphone and says permit me take a look at in the event that they messaged, i’m able to’t lose Ishita, so many neglected calls from London, i’m hoping she is excellent. He calls and asks is her circumstance getting worse, does she want to meet me, even I want to satisfy her, I apprehend but trust me, does she want to come back here, no, i’ve quite a few paintings here, I apprehend she gets aggressive, but i will’t do this, you have to manage her, I pay you for that, k stop, permit me suppose, she desires to meet me, fine ship her right here, I understand she will be able to behave commonly as soon as she sees me. He gets irritated.

He sprinkles water on Bhuvan and shouts get up. Bhuvan says you…. He recollects Ishita hitting him. He says sorry boss, I didn’t know when she were given aware, she injected me. Arijit says i’ve packed Ishita within the drum, she is in a pace, the men took her away, i’m able to give you the range, live in contact with that guy. He threatens Bhuvan. Mani does the paintings. the man says i’m able to get rice. The guys sit down playing playing cards. the person asks Mani to move and get rice. Mani is going to get rice from the drum.

Precap: Ruhi asks wherein could they hide Ishita, its just the drum, they placed the rice packets. Karan, Ruhi, Aaliya and Yug beat the men.


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