Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Santoshi Ishita and Raman are getting disturbed, Ishita’s mother tries to please her. Those who are happy seeing Mahila and Simmi, Alia, Era, Rauhi, Karan and Mani together plan to save Ishita, and reach to save her, Mani Babbarhi goes to the goondas to demand work.

Santoshi and Ishita’s mother come shopping by shopping, both are talking together. Ishita’s mother teases Santoshi, so that she becomes as normal as before. Both mother of Santoshini and Ishita become unstable, you laugh in Mihika and Simmi are very happy to see whom Mahika and Simmi are thinking that soon Raman and Ishita will be back. Here, Santoshi is talking about going to Jyotishi, which starts listening to Simmi. Santoshi says, going to Jyotishi, it will know that where my children are stranded. Ishita’s mother speaks if Santoshi has faith, then let go, Mahika speaks. We will also go along.

Karan speaks to Rohey that Kidnapar is planning to make Biryani, keep a watch on him. Mani tells Simmi that Ishita has been kidnapped by the cats, I am going to find her with the era and Alia. Here Arigit Raman is giving the injection of drugs, then it comes to the rescue of his phone in the car. G.Arijit also goes out for the sentry of goons, his car gets punctured. Karan and Rahi Aliya are weighing the arrival of the era.

Simi tells Mahika that the era has got an anklet from the caterers here. Simi wants to help everyone, Mohiika says no one is at home, so why call it. Simi says we are not less than anyone, Mani comes, Karan and Rohan understand everything. Karan speaks once, when these people come back with a tempu, then go and ask them for work, and if they give less, then take everyone inside and we will check the temu. Mani goes to him, the man reaches the goons, and speaks I need less. The goons are forbidden, the gem speaks, do not let the dose eat less.

Keep the goons, and say to help in cooking. Ariji is getting disturbed here, he comes from London, someone wants to meet him. Arigit says that I can not meet her now, then someone tells Arigit that she wants to come to Delhi.Arajit gets very upset, and says, give me time to think. Bhuvan senses, Ariji Ishita Everything tells about where he has sent it.Gunde is getting less from the gem, and he speaks out of rice for the lane, if the gem rushes out, then he sees something in the drum, seeing that he is nervous The expertise.

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