Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YHM 20 Aug episode begins with the doctor removes the bandage from Raman’s face, about which all the housemates are shocked, because Raman’s face is completely different and Avaaz is completely different. Nobody in the Bhalla family believes that this is Raman.

The doctor removes bandages from Raman’s face, the entire Bhalla family is shocked to see Raman’s face. Ishita faints after seeing Raman, Raman’s mother gets nervous seeing this. The doctor explains that Ishita will be cured, the doctor asks Raman to rest. Raman speaks to his mother, don’t worry, I will come home very soon. Raman speaks to the nurse that I would like to talk to him like Ishita. Seeing the new Raman, Santoshi says that it is not like my Raman at all, neither its voice nor voice. Roohi speaks to the doctor, it is not my father, I want my father. Dr. Bhalla explains to the people of the family that due to too much injury, we had to do his surgery, that is why Raman is looking like this.

The doctor says that it was most important for us to be able to save Raman. The doctor says that it is more important than the face to be saved, the doctor also says that how Raman will feel when he sees his face, you all have to take care of Raman. Arijit is resting, Bhuvan comes to him and says that you have tried to kill Raman Bhalla, I have come to know.

Arijit says you have escaped from here but I have survived but how will I avoid Ishita. Bhuvan tells Arijit that even Raman has seen you, you will not be saved. Bhuvan asks for money from Arijit, and he gives him the money. Bhuvan tells Arijit that killing me will not end your problem. Bhuvan tells Arijit that Raman is Jinta, Ishita is the one who is hiding it. Ishita gets conscious here, she asks about Raman, everyone explains to him. Bhuvan tells Arijit that we have to find a way out and kill Raman.

Karan asks Ishita if anyone can change this much after her mother’s surgery. Ishita says I want to see Raman once, I will recognize him. Ishita goes to Raman, Raman recognizes her. Raman tells Ishita that I felt that I have lost everything, Raman says I feel very strange. Simmi thinks about Raman, how she cannot be brother, it is like bean to be brother.

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