Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YHM 21 Aug episode begins with Arijit comes to know that Raman is alive and his face has been changed by surgery, Arijit thinks about killing Raman, then he learns that Raman does not remember many things yet.

Ruhi is explaining to Karan about Raman and says I know she is my father. Karan tells Yuga that I did the same thing with you and sent you by making Aditya, but Yuga explains it. Aaliya also explains to Karan about Raman. Ruhi tells Karan that Ishi Ma can feel and tell that he is a father. Here Arijit and Bhuvan Hospital come, changing their look. Bhuvan sees Ishita and tells Arijit, Arijit says I find Raman. Arijit overhears the nurse talking to each other about Raman’s report.

The nurse comes and tells Mihika to bring Raman’s reports, Arijit listens. Seeing Ishita upset, Mani asks her what happened, then she says what will happen when Raman sees her face. Mani explains to Ishita and says don’t worry, Raman is fine, that’s a very big thing. Arijit sees Mani going and says that if Raman has told both of them about me then I will have to do something. The nurse tells Ishita to get medicine and injections, as Ishita goes out, Arijit disguises Raman and comes to Raman, and lies to the nurse that he has been called by the doctor.

Arijit lifts the pillow to kill Raman, so Raman moves, then Arijit is shocked to see his face. So many nurses come there and she tells Arijit to go out. The doctor comes to meet Raman and after listening to the doctor, Arijit starts thinking that it is Raman Bhalla, his face has changed. Arijit drops the report from the nurse’s hand and tries to know that he is Raman. The nurse tells him that the face has changed due to the surgery, Arijit thinks that I have to find out now fully whether he is Raman or not.

Arijit thinks that Raman will recognize me if he is saved, and the Bhalla family will catch me. Arijit thinks that even if I have to kill Raman, the doctor says, now you can take Raman home. Raman forgets a few things, he does not remember which project he is going to Mumbai. Raman says that I do not remember anything about the last few months, the doctor says you will miss it all.

Ishita asks the doctor why Raman cannot remember, the doctor explains to him that it is due to injury. Arijit tells Bhuvan that Raman is alive, he has been given a new face and he does not remember many things. Arijit tells Bhuvan that he will not kill Raman yet, Ishita has to see more upset.

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