Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22 February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me

The Episode starts with health practitioner telling Sudha approximately the heart blockage. He asks her to take true relaxation and recover with the medicines. He offers her instructions. He says you could pass home these days itself. He additionally tells this to Raman. Karan says we can be going home now. Raman asks her to read the papers. Sudha reads the settlement. Raman says as Aaliya’s parents, we need to guarantee her safety, we recognise you properly and want to protect her. Rohan says its ok, i will sign it, I want to agree with that people can alternate, its all history now.

He symptoms on papers and gives them the document. Karan says now you can take delivery of my invitation, i have kept a small party, you have to come along with Aaliya. Ishita says it will likely be exerting for Sudha. Rohan says we will control it. Karan says i will get all arrangements executed, Rohan just need to get Aaliya home. Raman and Ishita go together with Rohan. Sudha asks Karan what’s all this, how dare they make this settlement, did Rohan pass mad, why are you stopping me, I received’t tolerate this foolishness. Karan says consider me, the entirety will be high-quality. Ruhi and Mihika sell the display Divya Dhrishti.

Ranbir says I wished a mortgage for an emergency. Ruhi says sorry, i can’t assist you, you are nonetheless on probation. Vishal says its fine, i will speak to lawyer and get bail papers made, we will get Yug out of prison. Ranbir says first-class, i’m wondering why did Yug meet Aaliya. Ruhi asks Aaliya to get equipped first. Aaliya says I don’t know what to wear. Ishita asks her no longer to worry approximately postnup agreement. Aaliya says but Rohan… Ishita says he understands it nicely and signed it. Shagun and Ishita tease her. Ishita says when Rohan is with you, nothing will go incorrect, when a husband and a wife solves problems together, trouble receives much less. They ask Aaliya to get geared up. Aaliya gets an outfit and likes it. Manish says to your fresh begin. Raman asks Ishita how is the choice. Ishita says its gaudy. Ruhi says we are going to miss the birthday celebration, Aaliya wear the dress. They visit get geared up.

On the party venue, Karan and Rohan make Sudha take a seat. Karan asks Rohan not to take tension, Aaliya will come. Rohan is going to welcome guests. Karan says i’ve organized this party for a cause. Sudha says Rohan shouldn’t doubt on me, I don’t need to lose his believe. He asks her not to fear. Rohan sees Bhallas coming and welcomes them. Ruhi asks is there no tune. Karan says its there. Rohan and Aaliya dance on dekho kareeb se….every body dances on Dil chori…. Raman is going apart. Ishita asks him what is he doing, Aaliya is starting a new life. Mani asks him to have goodies, its Aaliya’s bidaai. Raman refuses. Mani says best, i can have it. Raman says Adi also liked the candies. She says we can not miss Adi now and be happy for Aaliya. She is going. Raman says sorry Adi, I received’t talk about you now. Karan is with Sudha. Ishita hears them and says if Aaliya receives hurt, i will get you arrested.

Precap:- Rohan says I want to promise you, i can usually hold you happy. Yug shouts Aaliya. all of them get greatly surprised. Aaliya says my Adi got here again.


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