Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

the episode starts with ishita shouting for help. arijit recollects drugging her. he wakes up mohan and asks are you able to hear ishita, why is the room not sound evidence, if her voice goes out, i can not leave you. ruhi says i’m able to name ishita as soon as, i’m able to get peace. the person says arijit known as and asked for maintaining the whole lot on hold. mani calls arijit. arijit comes there and asks how is ishita, she had to go to asylum. yug asks why did you keep things on hold. arijit says i suppose we must close this mission. ruhi says no manner, we have to finish it. mani, yug and karan say we can’t shelve this venture, its raman’s dream assignment. arijit says i m relieved, if we sponsored out, this would have ruined the call of bhalla industries. ruhi says no, its the biggest venture for us. he says your dad and mom might be proud of you.

karan says its tough to provide an explanation for ishita and raman’s absence. arijit asks why, people recognize raman died in aircraft crash. karan says yes, raman isn’t here, what if ishita isn’t here, we will’t say that she has long past to asylum. ruhi says we shouldn’t rejoice in a grand launch. arijit says right, we can preserve a small puja. karan says sounds best. yug says sure. arijit says its excellent to look your mind matching in this remember, ishita could experience properly knowing karan and yug aren’t preventing. he is going. ruhi asks karan why is he searching lost. karan says there may be some thing suspicious about him, he was liking yug and my fights. mani asks is ishita first-class. ruhi says yes, karan feels arijit behaves atypical.

karan says when ishita made yug a challenge head, arijit said ishita have to have requested me, he desired yug and me to combat, however what’s going to be gain, he isn’t our properly wisher. mani says he is assisting us. karan says proper but there’s some thing weird about him. mani says you need to be cautious, don’t tell anybody that raman is alive. karan says i’m able to name ishita. he calls. he receives a message.. i m excellent. arijit says now they received’t call you, what’s your plan, why did you get yourself admitted in asylum. she gets aware. he goes out. he asks mohan to inject her. he asks did you do soundproofing of room. arijit says i m not getting her voice now, allow her shout for some time and then give her the injection. mrs. bhalla says raman is alive, ishita kept saying and we didn’t concentrate to her, guard them. simmi says i hope they’re fine and come returned home soon. raman wakes up and goes out. arijit comes and says you could’t run away, if you try and run away, you may’t even stroll. raman asks who are you, let me cross. ruhi and karan come and maintain the flickering diya. ruhi says we are able to store ishita and raman, they will come lower back home.

amma sees ishita going for walks far from her. she shouts prevent. she cries in sleep and gets up. she says ishita isn’t fine, i m worried. appa says she is pleasant, nothing befell to her. she says its morning dream. he asks her no longer to fear. he says i can get a cup of espresso for you. she prays for ishita.

sunita involves ishita and says how can arijit try this, he is torturing even me, what shall i do, i will call police. she gets a message. she gets arijit’s name. he says your daughter could be first-rate until you supply injection to ishita. she cries and says i received’t help ishita, leave my daughter. she injects ishita and says sorry. amma cries and says i saw a similar dream before vandu’s loss of life. mrs. bhalla consoles her. karan says its ishita’s message…. she is saying she is exceptional and we don’t want to fear, we shall have meals now. simmi asks karan to ask where is she living, can we meet her and help. karan messages ishita. arijit says now they need to meet ishita, its a great threat to understand ishita’s plan, does she realize that raman is alive. he replies that she is on a task and she has to do that by myself, desire you all apprehend. karan replies, how can you discover raman by myself, it may be risky, we need that will help you.

arijit receives irritated and says it means all and sundry is aware of raman is alive, so this changed into ishita’s plan. karan reads, don’t fear, i can discover raman and come lower back, focus on business. aaliya says the whole thing is quality. arijit sees raman and says ishita is there and raman is here, they deserve this, agree with me. he asks mohan to feed raman, he needs to be alive. he says i m going out, he shouldn’t attempt to get away, i ought to meet bhalla’s children and realize what they realize about raman.

precap: arijit receives a name and answers. karan seems at him and thinks i gave this telephone to ishita. nurse asks simmi and mihika to go away. simmi alternatives a coupon and reads ishita.


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