Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with the shopkeeper giving excuses and agreeing to assist Bhallas. Inspector says maybe someone has played a prank like you, have you ever contributed for holi, maybe kids got naughty and switched off the water and gasoline supply, don’t take anxiety, I suppose all your issues got solved. Ishita says we could make a few sweets, its holi. Inspector leaves. He calls the lady and says i’ve executed something you requested me to do, please go away my spouse.

Raman and Ishita come to prevent him. Raman asks how can you are taking depend so lightly. Inspector says we can keep the research. He is going. Ishita says it appears simply bizarre. Raman asks her to invite Rohan. Mr. Bhalla says police will see them, just loosen up now. Mrs. Bhalla says sure, there’s holika dahan application, we have to cross there. Rohan asks

lets live again. Ishita says sure. Raman says no. Ishita says we might also need you, you have to come. Raman says then don’t blame me for my response, Yug include me. Simmi says I want to talk to Raman. Rohan says I don’t need you and pop to have troubles. Simmi asks Raman why is he indignant on Rohan. Raman says I recognise he’s a pleasing guy and loves Aaliya, I m additionally doing this for Aaliya, I m privy to her intellectual state, you weren’t here to peer the fights among Rohan and Yug, its desirable that Aaliya didn’t see this, we can give an explanation for Aaliya whilst her intellectual country is best, until then I don’t need Rohan here, Ishita usually gets Rohan home. She says you ought to accept as true with Ishita.
He says I relied on Ishita two times, she has known as Rohan and it created a problem. She says you have to manage your anger, i can make sure not anything is going incorrect. Aaliya says I need to put on a nice get dressed, Adi has come again now. Ruhi asks her to wear a fit. She thinks Aaliya isn’t improving, i’m hoping she comes out of this mess soon. Aaliya receives geared up. Yug comes and asks are you first-class, you messaged me which you need assist. She says yes, certainly my backstring, please help me. He says certain. Ek ladki ko dekha to….plays…. He helps her. They get near. Rohan comes and sees them. He says Ishita is asking Aaliya. Yug says you go, we’re coming. He applies black dot to Aaliya’s face and compliments her. She smiles. Amma likes the sweets. Mrs. Bhalla says its tasty, even the candies you made look true. Yug and Aaliya come there. Amma compliments Aaliya. Aaliya thanks them. Yug greets all and sundry.

Raman seems around. Rohan says simply relax, chill out, I m dealing with the whole thing, i’ve called two safety guards from workplace, they are status out, i’m able to attempt that woman and her goons don’t come right here. Karan receives Sudha’s call and says don’t worry, Rohan is with me, we’ve got come for some paintings. Mihika says Ishita is getting the puja plate. all of us does the holika dahan. Kiran forgets to get the colors and is going. Ishita thinks Mr and Mrs. Roy are simply not at home, so maid behaved like this. everyone dances. Karan dances with Ruhi. Yug comes among Rohan and Aaliya. everyone appears on. Yug and Aaliya dance. Ishita wishes that no new hassle comes of their lives. Amma asks Bala to name Kiran. Bala says I had sent her to get colorings and then I didn’t see her. He says Kiran isn’t inner, her smartphone is likewise at home. He goes to ask Bhallas. Karan says we will depart. Ishita asks them to have dinner. Bala comes and asks for Kiran. He says she is nowhere. Ishita says she didn’t come right here. anybody seems for Kiran. Ishita says shall we whinge to police. The lady and her goons come. The lady asks in which are you all going, is a person missing, is it your wife. Bala says you probably did this.

Precap Upcoming Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode update: Bala hugs Kiran. The girl says i was in exact temper and launched Kiran, now do as I say Raman, sign the property papers. Karan says I can help you. The lady consents.


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