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The Episode starts with Yug pronouncing who’s blackmailing me. Vishal comes and says I saw you and came here, what are you doing here. Yug says I m here for Aaliya’s locality mission paintings, you may cross. Vishal says no, you have got tea at the stall, i will take milk. Yug says i’m able to simply call the person. He calls and receives a message….you misplaced the final threat, your lifestyles can be ruined now. Karan asks how did I forget this. Malhotra says Sudha called me and he or she become very indignant. Karan says lets make this occasion successful. Rohan says its no need as mom isn’t here. Karan says we can assist the negative and needy with the aid of elevating the price range. Rohan says exceptional in case you suppose so. Karan goes to attend the call. Malhotra says I did as you stated. Rohan says i have told this with right knowledge, Karan won’t invite Ruhi and Aaliya on my announcing, make sure that their names are protected in visitor listing and Karan invitations them himself. Malhotra says certain.

Shaina asks Ananya to mention she was at health facility. Ananya says sure, we had been at health facility, we just got here to take the dentures. Raman says we are not mad and blind, either you aren’t Ishita or you are hiding something. Shagun says loosen up Raman, simply talk to her and kind this. Ishita argues with them and goes. Karan says suitable task why did you encompass Ruhi and Aaliya’s call. Malhotra says they may be large names, we should invite them, I don’t assume Raman will come, you in my view invite them. Karan says i will. Malhotra calls Rohan and says Karan is going to name Ruhi and Aaliya. Rohan says nicely carried out, make sure he calls them and invites. Ananya says I did what you said, don’t do anything to my family. Shaina says you need to lie extra.

Kiran says how can this show up, many human beings can’t have the same misunderstanding. Shagun says I don’t get it, Ishita stated she turned into inside the hospital. Mrs. Bhalla says I heard there are seven reminiscent of humans inside the global. Raman says she is Ishita, she is hiding some thing. Shagun says Ishita forgot the dentures, i’m able to deliver her. Shaina comes and takes it from her palms. Shagun says sorry, it slipped from my hand, the dentures are vibrant and sparkling. Shaina says new dentures shine, i will talk to you later. She goes and tests the dentures. Ananya asks what’s this, diamond within the dentures. Shaina says diamonds, I m helping a person in smuggling this. Ananya says that is illegal. Shaina threatens her. Ananya says I won’t inform all and sundry about you and these diamonds. Shaina says its right Shagun didn’t get those diamonds.

Raman rushes to Shagun and switches off fuel knob. He asks in which is your awareness, are you k. Shagun says we will get the tea, you move. She says Kiran, I noticed some thing brilliant like a diamond within the dentures. Kiran says Ishita is honest, can all and sundry believe this, don’t assume a good deal, its now not possible. Karan assessments arrangements. Sudha calls him. He says thanks for reminding about charity dinner. Rohan thinks oh no, mother will inform him that she didn’t say anything such. he is taking the cellphone and says we each leave out you lots, take drug treatments on time. He disconnects the decision and acts. He asks her not to fear about the occasion. He says trust me, I m very glad that Karan is so focussed, relax, i’m able to name you after the occasion, we love you. He says Karan, mother will sleep now, don’t name her. Karan says you received’t drink there, its about mother’s recognition. Rohan says ok, I promise. He tests visitor listing and thinks Bhallas’ daughters haven’t confirmed yet. Shagun asks Mr. Bhalla to take relaxation.

Shagun asks Raman no longer to take any strain. Raman says I m simply worried for my spouse, you understand how is Sahil. She says Ishita does the entirety for her family, you have to protect her. He says she isn’t pronouncing the reality. She says if your fears are genuine, she can get in threat. He says I understand this, Sahil is dangerous guy, i’ve requested her, she isn’t telling the fact. He says I simply need to include you and clear my mind. Shaina reaches the medical institution and says there is one diamond less, how. Shamshad comes and asks why are you worried. She says one diamond fell down. He asks what. She says I recognise in which it fell. She assessments the cctv footage and says it ought to be someplace at home. Mrs. Bhalla asks what’s this, it looks a diamond.

Kiran says its my ring’s diamond, Bala talented this to me, thank you. Shaina says i’m able to get it from Kiran. She goes. Kiran says Ishita had this diamond, is she in any problem, what’s happening. Mihika gets Bala’s call and says come quickly, I don’t see absolutely everyone round. He says I m at the equal street, I m just attaining. Shamshad catches the person and asks for the packet. He threatens the man. the man says I don’t realize about that packet, trust me. Mihika hears them and goes to peer. Shamshad points gun at the man. Mihika shouts don’t shoot. Bala comes and asks Mihika no longer to move there. She says we must call the police. Shamshad leaves.

Bala says there is no proof, come with me. Ruhi says I just desire Raman and Ishita’s trouble ends. Aaliya says sure, I m feeling horrific for her. Yug says we shouldn’t intervene, we must let them kind out. Ruhi says you’ll say this, they aren’t your parents. Aaliya asks what nonsense, what do you imply. Yug says Ruhi supposed to mention which you are my precedence, she continues teasing me all day. Ruhi says sure, he doesn’t pay attention to us. Aaliya says sorry. Karan calls Ruhi and asks her to come back within the charity event with Aaliya. She says Aaliya can get the garments made by means of locality girls and display it, it’ll be bought at a better charge, it will likely be worthwhile for Aaliya and locality ladies. Ruhi says I assume its a notable plan. Aaliya says yes. Ruhi says so Aaliya and i will see you on the charity dinner. Karan says exceptional, i will mail you the details and invite. Ruhi thanks him. Rohan thinks finally Aaliya is coming, I promise I gained’t let you leave.

Precap: Kiran sees Ishita giving the diamond to Shamshad. He leaves. Kiran says what become Shamshad doing right here, what become Ishita talking to him.


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