Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YHM 23 Aug episode begins with While the whole Bhalla family is happy with Raman’s return, everyone is also tense seeing Raman’s condition. Arijit provokes Karan that he is not Raman but someone is Bahrupiya.

Seeing Raman unconscious, the entire Bhalla family is disturbed, seeing Karan alone, Arijit comes to provoke him. When Karan sees Arijit, he starts making excuses that the bag was forgotten, after which he tells Karan that such a man will come and say that he is Raman and you people will agree. Raman senses and Raman says that this is not my face, Arijit is used to provoke Karan. Arijit also provokes Karan against Ishita, and says that she has not been in the sens for quite some time.

Arijit says that the man has come here as Raman with information about Raman, Ishita tells Raman all the things, then says that everything has happened but I do not remember. Raman says that I do not even remember the appearance of Kidnapper, everyone explains to Raman that do not take stress, after all that is left. Everyone speaks to offer Raman, Raman says most of all what you are hiding.

When Roo comes out looking for Karan, he sees Arijit talking to Karan there. After that Arijit leaves from there, Ruhi explains to Karan about Arijit, and he says I do not trust him. Karan is still in doubt whether he is Raman or not. Ishita gets dizzy, Simmi says not to take stress. Mani gets an emergency call, Ishita asks what happened if he says the call of the investor has come.

Everybody goes to the office to meet the investor, everyone is shocked to see the face of Raman. Ishita introduces the new Raman to the investor, then the investor says that Raman Bhalla was dead. Ishita explains all the things to the investor, and says Raman Bhalla is back. Investor says that I will not invest, Arijit is determined to harass Raman.


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