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The Episode begins with Kiran seeing Shaina/Ishita and saying Shagun, I will converse with you later. Shaina gets some information about the precious stone. Kiran says I didn’t get it. Shaina reproves her and undermines about her children. She asks her not to advise anything to Shagun, center around children, not on Ishita. Kiran says pause, take this, don’t hurt my children. Shaina concurs. She says converse with Shagun, be cautious the amount to talk. Kiran answers and says I overlooked, I was getting some information about NGO, we will talk tomorrow. Shaina says its great you didn’t state, cameras are fixed in this house and that house as well, center around your family. She goes. Kiran says the end result for Ishita, for what reason is she carrying on like this.

Aaliya says I will send the examples, put them in plain view, a debt of gratitude is in order for this activity. Rohan says no compelling reason to express gratitude toward me, your joy matters, I m extremely upbeat you preferred it. She says I need some improvement things. Yug says I need to beat Rohan. Karan says don’t you dare hurt him, I have sent you as Adi there, I isolated Rohan and Aaliya, in the event that she supposes you are Adi, remain with her, in the event that you do anything against Rohan, I will come clean to Aaliya. Rohan and Aaliya look on stunned. Aaliya cries and says he isn’t my Adi, who is he. Rohan says he isn’t Adi, he is only a faker, I m your better half Rohan. Aaliya says Rohan… what did I do with you. Rohan says overlook this, no compelling reason to apologize, guarantee me, you will dependably be with me. He embraces Aaliya. She guarantees. Malhotra gets out Rohan. Rohan’s fantasy breaks. Malhotra says I did every one of the courses of action, you can return home. Rohan says this was only a fantasy, yet this will turn genuine.

Shaina says missing jewel is in this parcel, offer this to your supervisor. Kiran looks on and says what was Shamshad doing here, what was Ishita conversing with him, is Raman’s uncertainty right, did she change, no, she is Ishita’s carbon copy. Raman goes to his room. Shagun calls him. He says no, I didn’t battle with her, I will converse with her pleasantly, don’t stress. He checks Shaina’s pack and telephone. He says for what reason did she change secret key, what would it be able to be, children’s name. Shaina comes and takes the telephone. She asks what’s going on. He says I m checking your telephone as you are acting so bizarre, let me know whether Sahil is extorting you. She says I needn’t bother with your assistance. He inquires as to for what reason are you lying, you are denying everybody. She says I can’t acknowledge, I don’t have the foggiest idea the end result for you, I m dozing at Amma’s place. She goes.

Kiran says I should converse with Shagun. Shaina goes to her. Ishita says Bala went to his companion’s place, great, I will remain with you during the evening, its great Raman won’t come here, I can watch out for you, come. Its morning, Ruhi asks Mr. Bhalla about his leg. He says I will be fine. Shaina comes. Ruhi requests that her have nourishment. Aaliya goes to leave behind meets Neha, a physiotherapist. Aaliya requests that her come in. She says I have called Neha, Mr. Bhalla’s torment will die down. Raman says express gratitude toward God, in any event all of you care for older folks. Shaina goes. Neha says I need to inspect Mr. Bhalla. Ruhi says please quit battling with Ishimaa. Raman says I m attempting to support her. He sees Simmi and asks how are you now. Ruhi says let me know whether you need assistance. Simmi says I need to converse with you. Shaina says you look fine Simmi, on the off chance that you consent to me, none will be stuck in an unfortunate situation. Simmi says I m feeling unwell. Shaina says you should take rest, accompany me. She takes Simmi aside and undermines her.

Karan requests that the man keep beautification sweet and basic. The man says your request is conveyed. Karan says I didn’t organization it. Rohan says its mine, at long last its here. He sees an arm ornament. Karan requests whom did you request this. Rohan says nobody, we will sell this arm ornament in the supper and afterward give the sum. Karan says amazing, you are excessively great, this armlet looks expensive. Rohan thinks sorry, I can’t disclose to you the amount I adore Aaliya, she is only mine, I got this armlet for her.

Yug checks a message and stresses. Raman says for what reason does he look stressed. He asks what occurred, is there any issue. Yug says no issue, it was some forward message. Raman says everybody is concealing a great deal from me, matter deteriorates, fare thee well. Yug says its in no way like that. He proceeds to peruse the message… I m watching you, I know your mum Ishita simply went out, you need to pay a cost. He supposes who is this.

Yug, Ruhi and Aaliya go after the occasion. Aaliya says I m confounded, Rohan will be here. Ruhi says don’t stress, I m with you, come. Yug asks will I remain here. Ruhi says no need, I will deal with it. Yug says all the best, take this dress while you go. Aaliya expresses gratitude toward him. She requests that the woman keep the outfit in plain view. Yug says I can’t disregard you, I don’t trust Rohan and Karan. Sahil chastens Shamshad and asks how policed catch our man. Shamshad says excuse me, our man needed to convey the jewels. Sahil says only couple of individuals thought about this arrangement, how policed reach there, somebody is conning us, he is educating the police, we need to get him soon, what occurred of that drugs parcel. He focuses weapon at Shamshad and compromises. Rohan is with his companions. The person gets some information about his marriage, does Aaliya not remain with him. Rohan says what occurred, she is unwell so she is living with her family, we folks cherish one another. Karan invites Ruhi and Aaliya. Rohan says look Aaliya and Ruhi have come. The person says for what reason are you lying, we know Aaliya lives with her first spouse. Rohan reproves him. Karan says the end result for Rohan.

Precap Upcoming Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode Update: Rohan spikes the beverage and requests that server offer it to Aaliya. Aaliya falls oblivious. Rohan says I cherish you and I realize you adore me as well, today we will join together, none can divide us.


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