Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Aaliya asking lawyer to call her to discuss about Yug. He goes. Ishita scolds Aaliya. She asks why are you behaving rude. Aaliya asks her to tell Karan about his mistake. Ishita says he said what he has seen, he isn’t lying. Aaliya says Yug and I will handle everything. Yug says just stop it, we are a family. Aaliya says it doesn’t look like a family. He asks her to stop it. She says family means supporting each other, we know you aren’t the murderer, some people here think you are wrong, no one told anything. She argues. Natasha comes and claps. Natasha says great. She insults them. Arijit says I will get justice for you, trust me. She thanks him. She goes. He says I m helping myself. He calls Sunil. Sunil says Natasha went to Bhalla house. Arijit asks what is she planning, I made a plan, go and stop her. Sunil goes. Arijit calls reporter and says there is a sensational news for you.

Natasha says I have come to meet Shardul. Simmi says he is Raman Bhalla, my brother, get out. Natasha refuses. Sunil asks her to come with him. Natasha says no, Yug has killed my doctor and they are acting innocent. Ishita asks how do you know. Simmi stops Natasha and asks how did you know all this. Natasha argues with her.

Ishita says I will call the police. Simmi says yes, call the police. Guard comes and says come fast, a woman is shouting downstairs. They go and see Mrs. Mishra. Mrs. Mishra shouts for Yug, her husband’s murderer. Ruhi stops Yug. He says I didn’t do anything, why shall I get scared. He comes and says I m Yug. Natasha looks on. Yug says you are misunderstanding, I can clear it. The reporters come. They ask about Mishra’s murder. Natasha gets Arijit’s call. He asks did the reporters and Mrs. Mishra come there. She asks did you do this. He says yes, we want to ruin Raman and Ishita, make a video call, I will see the fun. He smiles seeing the fight. Mrs. Mishra gets angry on Yug.

Ruhi asks how can you follow anything, we have told before, we have no enmity with Mishra, Yug didn’t do this, sorry for your loss. Raman asks the lady to go. Mrs. Mishra slaps Yug. Arijit smiles. Mrs. Mishra says I will get Yug arrested. She curses Aaliya. Sudha and Karan are on the way.

Sudha asks are you okay. He says I don’t want to talk. She says come on, Aaliya is stressed out. He says yes, at least Ruhi can understand me. She says Ruhi trusts you. Arijit says now it will be fun. Sudha and Karan get shocked hearing the murder news on the radio. Sudha gets message. She says this news have become viral. Karan says we have to go back and help him. Bhuvan sees news and calls Arijit. He asks him to check news, the lady is blaming Yug. Arijit says she is Dr. Mishra’s wife, I had sent her and reporters to create a big drama. Bhuvan asks what if Bhallas understand this. Arijit says I play my cards well, Yug will go jail, Raman and Ishita will be in shock. Ishita says Yug was trying to save Mishra. Raman says we aren’t lying, believe us. Mrs. Mishra says you all are together in this. She asks reporters to help her get justice.

Karan comes with Sudha and says Yug didn’t kill your husband. Yug was called there to get framed. Mrs. Mishra asks who are you. Karan says I m prime witness, I have seen Yug with a knife, I didn’t change my statement, I have a relation with this family, Yug didn’t kill him, he just reached there at wrong time. She says no, he went to kill him. Police comes. Simmi says I called the police here. Inspector says Mrs. Mishra leave from here, we are investigating, don’t teach our work, Yug is on bail, court will decide if he is guilty or not. She curses Yug and scolds him a lot. She is taken by the police. Yug stops Karan and thanks him. He asks him to come home. Karan hugs him. Raman smiles.

Precap: Lawyer says the culprit is right handed, my client is left handed. Arijit says we can’t do anything now, you won’t get justice, we can do one thing, blood for blood….


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