Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YHM 25 Apr episode starts with Karan asking Rohan about his argument with his friend. Rohan’s manager diverts Karan’s attention.

Rohan spikes Aaliya’s drink and asks the waiter to offer the drink to the Aaliya. Aaliya drinks the spiked drink.

Rohan manages to keep Ruhi and Karan away from Aaliya. Rohan comes to Aaliya. Aaliya tells him that she is feeling dizzy.

Rohan takes Aaliya along with him to the hotel room. Ruhi gets tensed on not finding Aaliya around. She searches for her around.

Ruhi informs Karan about Aaliya gone missing. Karan says he will find Aaliya in the nearby area.

Aaliya gets unconscious.

Rohan expresses his love feelings for Aaliya in front of the unconscious Aaliya. He says today they will become one.

Kiran is worried about Bala. She questions Shaina about Bala. Bala comes back home. Shaina cooks up a story in front of them.

Yug comes to the charity event. He asks Ruhi about Aaliya. Ruhi tells him about Aaliya gone missing. Yug gets angry on Karan.

Raman comes back home searching for Ishita. He inquires about Ishita from Bala and Kiran.

The waiter informs Karan about Rohan spiking Aaliya’s drink.

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