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The Episode begins with Rohan saying there is no issue, proceed to deal with the visitors. Karan goes. Rohan requests that server give this spiked beverage to Aaliya. He welcomes Ruhi and Aaliya. Ruhi says dazzling game plans, Rohan. Rohan expresses profound gratitude, I simply trust that we collect a lot of cash and give it away, I will be near. Ruhi and Aaliya take the beverages. Rohan sees them. Ruhi finds a call and solutions. Rohan says you can go out and attempt, there are arrange issues here. Ruhi goes. Aaliya holds her head. Rohan goes to her. Karan says I m going to the visitors. Malhotra says bank chief said the check has ricocheted. Karan asks in what manner would this be able to occur. He goes to talk. Aaliya says I feel wired, possibly I m tired. Rohan says there is a room upstairs, you can go there on the off chance that you need to rest. She says yes. He takes her. Ruhi says who was this nitwit, he vexed available to come back to work for ten mins. The woman gives Aaliya’s telephone to Ruhi. Ruhi says possibly Aaliya went to washroom. Karan says another person’ check ricocheted, you ought to have discovered well. Malhotra says possibly Rohan’s work is finished.

Rohan takes Aaliya with him and says you are only mine, I missed you a great deal. Ruhi says Karan, I can’t discover Aaliya anyplace, I m stressed, don’t have the foggiest idea where did she go. He says quiet down, call her. She says her telephone is here. He says I will go out and check. Rohan makes Aaliya wear the arm ornament. He says I adore you a great deal, I realize you cherish me as well, I m yours and you are mine, today we will join together, we will go through the night like a couple, there is nobody to irritate us, we will talk throughout the night, eat and eat, none can interfere with us. He sits drinking. He says bhallas utilized me and when their intentions were satisfied, they have tossed me out, none can separate us today. Kiran says Bala isn’t replying. She stops Shaina and gets some information about Bala. She says in the event that anything happens to Bala, I will tell your reality. Bala comes and asks what truth, unwind Kiran. She asks where were you. He says I needed to go to lead my classes, I understood I lost my telephone and went to police headquarters to record FIR. She says accompany me, I need to take supper with you. He says let me converse with Ishu, for what reason were you battling. Shaina says your significant other is a stunning entertainer, she was stressed for you, I requested that her copy her fav character, she was doing that. Bala says please, show something to me additionally, I never observed your acting. Kiran says I m in pressure, accompany me. Shaina says she cherishes you a great deal, run with her, Kiran don’t stress now.

Raman says for what reason isn’t she replying, there is no message or call. He reviews Ishita. Guardian says I needed to leave, there is nobody at office, to what extent will you stay here. Raman says no, I will leave now. Amma and Appa come to Bhalla house. Amma gets green tea for them. Appa says we needed to come and talk, we went for wellbeing check up today, is there anything to stress. Mrs. Bhalla says no. Amma says Ishita additionally took yearly checkup plan for you, did she overlook it. Appa says she didn’t come to meet us. Amma says truly, when she went to London, she said she will get sofa-bed for me, possibly she overlooked. Mr. Bhalla says she is occupied in her center work. Amma says we are more devil for her. Simmi says don’t reprimand her. Amma asks what occurred. Simmi says nothing, Ishita is as of now busy with work, we can’t put all heap on her. Amma says she doesn’t accept obligation as weight. Simmi supposes I can’t reveal to them anything, don’t have a clue about its Ishita or not. Ruhi says don’t have the foggiest idea where is Ishita. Karan says don’t stress, I will check the hall. Ruhi says if Aaliya is daydreaming once more, she was fine since some days. Yug says Ruhi and Aaliya ought to have dropped at this point. He comes in. Ruhi asks what are you doing here. He says I went poorly, don’t trust Rohan and Karan, where is Aaliya. She says I m not ready to discover her.

Yug asks where is the host. Karan comes. Yug admonishes him and asks where is Aaliya. Karan requests that visitors appreciate, Yug is an old companion, he is kidding. He takes Yug aside and says its a philanthropy supper, quiet down, I don’t have the foggiest idea where is Aaliya. Ruhi says quit battling, think carefully. Yug asks did anybody come to converse with Aaliya. Ruhi says Rohan had come, he isn’t around it is possible that, he called the server, we had juice drinks. Karan searches for Rohan. Raman gets back home and asks is Ishita at home. Mr. Bhalla says she doesn’t utter a word nowadays. Raman goes to check Iyer house. He asks Bala did Ishita come. Bala says no. Raman says I don’t have the foggiest idea where she will be, she isn’t replying. Kiran says I have to tell something demon. Raman says not presently, we will talk later. Karan asks Ruhi was he that server. Ruhi says yes. Karan beats the server. Server says Rohan blended a pill into a beverage and requested that I serve it to Aaliya, he requested that I give a call to this madam, with the goal that I keep her drew in for quite a while, excuse me. Karan gets stunned.

Precap Upcoming Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode Update: Karan, Ruhi and Yug run upstairs and yell to Rohan. Aaliya yells Adi for help. Rohan yells he isn’t Adi, he is Yug, I m your Rohan, none can interfere with us. Yug yells open the entryway, don’t do anything to Aaliya.


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