Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Natasha asking Arijit why did he send police. He says no, maybe Bhallas called police, they have hit their own foot, they showed that they can do anything to save their son, Mansi will understand that they can do anything, I also wanted this, Mansi will trust me more, just see what happens now. She asks what will you make Mansi do. He says you just wait and watch. Yug asks Aaliya where is she going. She says nothing, I m going to my room. Yug asks why are you doing this, Karan cares for me and this family, he did right, that man wanted us to get separated, you are making things easy for him. Ruhi says yes, we should stand together.

Ruhi says we should not let out enemy succeed, its not Aaliya’s mistake, but mine too, I have to say sorry to someone. She apologizes to Karan. Karan says its okay Ruhi. He apologizes to Aaliya. He says I cheated people a lot, but Ruhi’s love changed me, I remember Ruhi telling me that she learned honesty from Ishita, I don’t want to become like before, I will lie for Yug if you want, do you think its right. Aaliya says no, that won’t be right, you shouldn’t lie, you did right. Sudha smiles. Aaliya says we should always support truth, someone is doing this to separate us, I won’t let him do this, we are one family, sorry. Everyone smiles. Raman says autopsy report has come, Mr. Roy has called us. Ishita says its our last chance to prove Yug innocent. Mansi gets angry. Arijit smiles. He says I told you about your husband’s murderer, but media and police came there, sorry. She says you helped me, I want justice. He says trust me, safeguard the post mortem report, they can tamper it also. She says I will call my lawyer. She comes to police station and argues with inspector.

The lawyers give court permission for checking the report. Inspector checks the reports and gives them. Mr. Roy checks it and says the man who killed Mishra is right handed, but my client is left handed. Raman and Ishita smile. Mansi asks what proof do you have. Mr. Roy says I will provide the doctors’ report to the court, this is an open and shut case. Mansi says no, he killed my husband. Mr. Roy says ask your lawyer, he will advice the same, catch the real culprit, why are you after my client. She shouts you are lying. Inspector asks her to calm down. Ishita says we shall go home.

Everyone is happy. Ishita says I feel bad for Mrs. Mishra, I hope she gets real culprit. Karan says I m sure someone is instigating her. Mihika says I m glad, Yug is out of this. Arijit says they are clever people, they changed the reports. She says how can this happen. He says they are big people, they changed the report. Aaliya apologizes to Karan and thanks him. He says I m glad Yug is not in trouble. Raman asks can we move on now.

Arijit says we can’t do anything now, there is one way, blood for blood. Mansi gets shocked. He says when Yug loses someone, they will know the pain, but we are coward, if I was there in your place, I would have killed Yug to get soul peace, you want justice or not. Ruhi asks Raman to take rest, she will see things at office. Yug says I will handle the meetings. Mani comes and says we got good response for our project, we should replicate this in other states also. Aaliya says Yug won’t go office today, we deserve some time together. Raman says she is right, go out for movie. Ishita says they should go for a holiday. Mani says Yug, you should go for the trip. Natasha comes and asks can Shardul and I come along. Natasha argues with Ishita. She shows a saree to Raman. Raman says I will kill her. Natasha says I will get proof that he is my husband and then take him along. Yug and Ishita ask her to leave. Natasha goes. They all think to talk to Mansi, to end Natasha’s problem. Ishita says we can try.

Precap: Arijit gives a gun to Mansi. He asks her not to get scared, this is the last way. Ishita says Vishal called, he isn’t well. Karan says yes, he told me. Ishita says Yug is getting trapped again, we need to find him.


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