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The Episode begins with Malhotra saying I don’t have the foggiest idea where is Rohan. Karan reprimands him and requests that he come clean. Malhotra says don’t call police, it was Rohan’s thought, he is in room upstairs. Karan, Yug and Ruhi run upstairs. Rohan says trust me, I didn’t wish this occur, I needed us to join together, when we both are in faculties, on the off chance that this is the manner by which it will be, at that point it will happen along these lines, none can interfere with us. He draws near to Aaliya. Aaliya gets cognizant and sees him. She asks what’s happening with you, abandon me. He says its me, your Rohan. She yells Adi. Rohan says I m your better half. Yug yells open the entryway, don’t do anything to her. Rohan says he isn’t Adi, he is Yug. Karan asks Rohan to open the entryway. Karan gets the keys and gets in. They see Rohan and push him far from Aaliya.

Yug and Ruhi take Aaliya aside. Ruhi stops Yug and says we will take Aaliya home. Karan pushes Rohan and asks how might you do this, I confided in you. Rohan says what’s going on, she is my better half, she is just mine. Karan says I comprehend your adoration and torment, on the off chance that she cherishes you, she will return to you. Rohan says she is rationally aggravated, imagine a scenario where she overlooks me. Karan says she needs to be with Adi, I won’t converse with you now. He goes.

Raman asks what, simply keep me educated. Bala says I couldn’t discover Ishu, we ought to go to center and discover. Raman goes to get vehicle keys. Bala sees Ishita/Shaina getting back home. He says Ishu is with him. Raman gets keys and asks where were you, what occurred. She says my vehicle stalled, I went on a drive and after that vehicle stalled, I left my vehicle at the carport, a patient’s dad dropped me home. Raman runs with her. Bala says for what reason is she lying, Sahil dropped her, I have seen him, what is she doing with Sahil, it implies everything is valid, for what reason is she stowing away.

Yug and Ruhi get Aaliya home. Yug asks Ruhi to leave the vehicle and come. Aaliya says I feel safe with you. Ruhi says express gratitude toward God, we came to there on schedule. Karan comes and apologizes to her. She slaps him. Bala considers Ishita and awakens. He supposes what’s going on, what was Ishu doing with Sahil, I need to advise this to Raman, don’t have a clue by what means will he respond. Kiran asks what occurred. He says I m stressed for Ishu. Kiran reviews Shaina’s words and goes to get water for him. Kiran gets a note for Bala and requests that he read it in the restroom. He gets stunned and goes. Kiran rests to rest. Ruhi asks what do you think, how did you and Rohan make this shabby arrangement. Karan says trust me, I didn’t have a clue.

Ruhi says you figure I will trust you, what will I do of your heartbroken, it was a set up to do this, everything was arranged, such a nauseating demonstration, Rohan can’t do this by itself. Karan says I swear on my mother, I didn’t know this, I ceased Rohan, I realize he completed an awful thing. She says I committed a major error by confiding in you, simply leave. She goes. He says I guarantee, I won’t let Aaliya endure as a result of Rohan. Bala peruses the letter… .. I need to disclose to you that Ishita isn’t right, Ishita has compromised me, there are camera in both the houses, we are being watched, its reality, don’t respond and pulverize this chit, yet be alert. He gets stunned and says what’s happening, for what reason is she doing this with us, I have to get to the base of this, our Ishu is stuck in an unfortunate situation. He tears the chit.

Amma asks Appa to drop her to sanctuary, she and her companions will help in gathering assets for helping poor children. Appa says you look youthful nowadays. Bala prepares. Amma requests that he have idlis. Bala says all is well, I m going to converse with Raman, I m setting off to my classes at that point. He goes. Amma says he looks stressed. Appa says possibly he has work pressure. They leave. Raman says at last, Ishita will disclose to me the issue. Bala comes and says you are grinning. Raman says Ishita is returning to ordinary, at long last she will reveal to me what’s troubling her. Bala requests that he drop him to his classes, his vehicle stalled, they can chat on the way. Shaina asks what will you tell Raman. Bala says its among Raman and me, on the off chance that you demand, let me outline for me, its about how to get away from ladies’ drivel questions. Raman says then you should tell it to me, I m exhausted of this. Shaina says spouses need to get those tips, drop me to center, my vehicle is in administration station. Raman says fine. Bala supposes I need to reveal to Raman that this lady isn’t our Ishu.

Amma and her companions go to gather assets at Sahil’s home. Amma gets stunned seeing Sahil. Sahil gives the cash. Amma says we can’t take this dark cash for our great work, accompany me. The woman says we can take the cash. Amma says Sahil is a wear, he kills and grabs individuals, we don’t need his cash, his sister agitated us so much, I shouldn’t speak terrible about her presently, however Lord rebuffed her for her wrong doings. They leave. Sahil hears them. Sahil asks who is this distraught lady, how can she know Muskaan. Shamshad says she is Ishita’s mum, see this. Sahil says get her data, how could she go to my home and slander me, appears as though I need to destroy Raman and Ishita’s families, discover her shortcoming. Shamshad asks Bablu to watch out for Ishita’s mum. Raman asks Bala to come. Bala says I overlooked my inquiry papers, I need to make a few duplicates, you all go, Ishu will get late for facility. Raman and Shaina leave. Shaina gazes at Bala. Bala says I truly wish I locate some verification against Ishita, Raman and Mani aren’t getting any evidence. He sees CCTV camera and says Sahil’s vehicle ceased here, perhaps I may get some confirmation.

Aaliya says thanks to Adi for the costly blessing. She asks when did we originate from the gathering. Yug says I will let you know everything. Bala asks is the CCTV camera working. The man says the children these days take anything from the shop, camera is fundamental. Bala asks would i be able to get the night’s recording, I lost my telephone, would i be able to check to seize the criminal. The man says no. Bala says I will document an objection in police and after that they will come here to check the recording, better demonstrate to me the recording. The man says fine, come in. Bala checks the recording and sees Sahil. He requests that the man move the recording in pendrive. The man says its troublesome, my child realizes the secret key to exchange the recording, I will advise you in night. Bala says fine, I will uncover the sham at night, everybody will know this now.

Precap Upcoming Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode Update: The man says I revealed to you what you stated, don’t shoot me. Shaina undermines the man. Bala says that lady isn’t Ishu, she is a fraud, she is risky, I saw her with Sahil. Raman gets stunned.


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