Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written UpdateYeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sudha and Karan. Sudha wants to realize the complete fact behind Aditya’s reincarnation.

Karan discovered that Aditya is clearly a boy name Yug. He found out that Ishita arrested Yug beneath the influence that he is after Aaliyah.

Karan applied the golden opportunity and bailed him out. Yug becomes geared up to take Aditya’s region in the Bhalla house, and avenge Ishita. Sudha was very inspired by Karan’s plan.

She improved to gasoline Ishita in opposition to the fake Aditya (Yug). Sudha needs Ishita to take any rash choice and lose her opportunity to deliver Yug’s actual identification in front of the family.

Ishita asks Shagun to bring Yug’s arrest document from the police station. Ishita attempts to convince the whole Bhalla family, however, no one believes her.

Sudha asks Rohan to take Aaliyah domestic.

Rohan wants to deliver Aaliyah a while, but Sudha insists. Rohan asks Aaliya to return domestic.
Aaliyah lashes at Rohan saying she can’t go away Aaditya. Ishita intervenes and asks Aaliya to believe that Aditya is a doppelganger, but she denies.

Shagun fails to bring any proof to show Aditya because of the doppelganger. Aaliyah returns to Aaditya’s room without saying something.

Sudha asks Karan that how did he manipulate to cover the police information. Karan said he bribed the police inspector.

Ruhi and Pihu get emotional to peer Aaditya. Aditya(Yug) enjoys Ruhi and Pihu’s affection. Ishita receives miffed to see Yug playing with her circle of relatives’ emotions.

The written update of 26 February 2019 Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode full story ends.

Precap: Rohan denies Sudha to go back home. Raman asks Ishita to co-function.


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