Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Arijit talking to Natasha and doing a drama. He sees Mansi and starts fooling her. Mansi gets sad. Natasha says this man Arijit has his own agenda, he was saying he has to take revenge on Bhallas, he was telling about helping Mansi, something is wrong. Mansi says I just came and heard your talk, thanks for help. Arijit says don’t thank me, its my duty. She gets her lawyer’s call. He says news if the case if dismissed against Yug. She asks what, this isn’t right, he should be punished. She cries. Arijit consoles her. Natasha says he is using Mansi to take revenge against Bhallas. Sunil asks what relation do they have. We have to be careful, we can fall in trouble. She asks what option do we have, I want Shardul, I want my diamonds. He says leave the diamonds, come with me. She slaps him and says I want to lead a luxurious life, I won’t go without my diamonds, you want to leave then go.

Mansi asks how can police do this, its not fair. Arijit consoles her. Ishita calls her to talk. Mansi asks why did you call me, to say that the case against Yug got dismissed. Ishita asks really, I don’t know. Everyone smiles. Lawyer comes. Mansi says I will go to high court. Ishita asks her to meet her once, she will explain her. Mansi asks why. Ishita says I want to tell you the truth. Arijit signs her. Mansi says fine, I will meet you at my husband’s clinic. Ishita says really, I will come. Arijit says we can know what they want, you need to win her trust, this is the best way to take revenge, blood for blood, Yug has killed your husband, you need to kill Yug, then your husband’s soul will get peace. She says you are right. Yug says I will come with you, I wanted to apologize to her. Ishita says fine come. Mansi is connected to Arijit via bluetooth. Arijit says I can hear you, talk to her and tell that you want to meet Yug. Mansi says yes, I will kill Yug. He says don’t get furious, okay. She says I think they have come.

She gets angry seeing Yug with Ishita. She asks why did you come here, Ishita I agreed to meet you, why did he come. Arijit thinks Yug has come. He says calm down, don’t over react. Yug says I came to say sorry. Mansi scolds him. Arijit says you need to win their trust.

Yug tells everything what happened. Mansi says I trust you. Yug thanks her. She asks why did you want to meet my husband. Yug says I wanted to know about a fraud woman, he was going to help me. Ishita says we want you to help us about Natasha. Arijit says tell them that you will check and say. Mansi says I will look for the file and call you. Ishita says it will be big help for us. Yug thanks Mansi. Ishita and Yug leave. Arijit says they are liars, I have a plan to trap Yug. He sees Neeti and says I will not leave Raman now.

Everyone talks about Yug and Aaliya’s honeymoon. Aaliya gets Vishal’s call. Yug asks why didn’t you call on my number, why didn’t you tell me about your health. He says I will go and meet Vishal, he isn’t well. He leaves. Yug says so Yug believed you. Ishita asks was Vishal’s voice different, I will just come. She goes and calls Karan. She asks for Vishal’s number. She says Vishal called, he isn’t fine. Karan says I spoke to him last week, he got a job and didn’t come to city. She asks what, it means someone is trapping Yug again.

Yug says I can’t fix the car now, I will take a cab. He leaves in a cab. Arijit asks Mansi to open the bag. He gives her a gun. She gets tensed. He provokes her and asks her to kill Yug. She says I will kill Yug. He says Mansi will meet Yug instead Vishal.

Precap: Mansi meets Yug. Someone shoots Yug from behind. Ishita pushes Yug and gets shot. Raman gets shocked.


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