Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YHM 27 Aug episode begins with Karan suspects Raman due to which Ishita scolds him, Raman overhears all the things and he also gets angry on Karan, but when he Raman embraces Karan with a hug, if he reveals the real reason for doubt.

Ishita is angry at Karan as to why you doubt Raman. Karan says that I thought someone is blackmailing you, so I did all this. Meanwhile, Raman comes there with Simmi, Simmi tells him that let’s go from here. Raman Karan starts getting angry that I am blackmailing Ishita, and to Ishita that you said that these people trust me. Raman tells Karan how can I assure you that I am Raman, and have not come to bother Ishita. Karan says that it is not so, Raman says that by staying at my house, you are raising fingers on me, so go away from my house.

Otherwise, all these will also doubt me together with you, Karan says to Raman that if you want me to leave home then I will leave. You were the one who told me to stay in this house, and I did everything for Ishi Maa. Karan tells Raman that there is someone who is misleading us all, and he is told that not to tell anyone anything or else you may be in danger. Karan says how could I trust after so much. Ishita says that let Karan stay all these things now.

Raman hugs Karan with his neck, and says that I cannot convince you that I am Raman, but I liked knowing that you care so much for Ishita. Raman says how can I tell everyone that I am Raman, Karan says that he can be our father who takes such care of Ishi Maa. Here Bhuvan brings full and tells Arijit where to plant it full. He says that it is full for a special person, Bhuvan asks if the boss, are you going to meet sister-in-law.

Arijit hurts Bhuvan and threatens him. Everyone in the Bhalla family is sitting and eating food, Raman asks Karan when your mother is coming back. Arijit comes to the office and meets everyone, and talks about Pooja’s plan. Raman tells Arijit that you sort of supported Ishita. When Arijit leaves from there, Karan says that this man cannot be trusted.

Raman says that we do not trust it, so we have to keep it happy. Arijit is getting upset thinking that Ishita and Raman will sit in the puja, I have to ruin the puja. The whole Bhalla family is happy, Ishita is getting a little worried about Raman. Stay Tuned With Tellyupdates.Me


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