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YHM 28 Mar Epsiode The Episode starts with Aaliya pronouncing we need to marry again to strengthen this bond, right Adi. Yug says but… Aaliya says i have determined, we are getting married. Karan says wow, that’s a nice idea. Ishita says no, it can’t happen. Raman says its an amazing idea, we will get you married, don’t worry, we gained’t allow you to cry in bidaai this time. Rohan crushes a pitcher by his hand. Simmi and Ishita fear for him. Ishita does useful resource to his hand. Karan says i’m able to take Rohan to our clinic. Ishita says I gained’t let this marriage occur, i can do what i can, I m standing with you. Rohan nods.

Muskaan says Sahil will teach Bhallas a good lesson, i will serve him goodies. He comes domestic along with his goons. She asks did you educate them a lesson, have goodies, what came about, didn’t they signal the papers, did they refuse you. He says close up, I m Sahil Shah and run a mafia, I m not a businessman, you went to jail for a belongings deal, i can get many residences for you, you went to jail for 2 properties, you didn’t think about my reputation, if this news spreads, humans will call us reasonably-priced. He asks his goon to shop for any assets she likes. She says but I want that property, its about my ego, they have got harm me. Sahil shouts no, no manner no, I needed to trade proof to prevent from jail, examine a lesson from this. She is going.

Ishita says what can Rohan do, his wife desires to marry a person, what would you do being in his location. Raman says we are helpless, perhaps Aaliya receives excellent and realizes that Yug isn’t Adi. She says its a large hazard. He says then we need to believe that Adi and Aaliya’s love become genuine and he has come returned, he cares for everybody, simplest you have a problem with him, perhaps he fills Adi’s vicinity. She says he isn’t Adi, you have to accept it then you could help Aaliya recognize. He says I didn’t ask for your opinion. He is going.

Muskaan refuses to have meals and shouts on the goons. She remains adamant. Sahil looks on. Rohan says I felt our problem is taken care of, but you proved me wrong, why did you ask Yug to marry Aaliya, you understand i like Aaliya, I m truly very disappointed. Karan says I m truely sorry, I handiest wanted to show that imposter, I notion Yug will get scared, I didn’t recognize Aaliya gets excited for marriage. Rohan receives a name and says we will come. He says mother’s cardiologist desires to meet us.

Ishita says how are we able to allow Aaliya marry Yug. Simmi says talk to Rohan as soon as. Ishita says i’m able to talk to Aaliya’s medical doctor. Simmi says Raman is just agreeing to expose Aaliya. Ishita asks is this possible. Raman says no, this is most effective technique to give up Aaliya’s mental trauma, her marriage recollections way lots to her, perhaps she recollects marrying Adi and his demise. Ishita says if this fails, Yug will marry Aaliya, its useless to talk to you, Aaliya is Rohan’s spouse if you don’t forget. Aaliya comes and asks what are you speakme. Simmi says Ishita desires to make chocolates seeing that Muskaan’s hassle ended. Aaliya asks haven’t you commenced the wedding preparations. Raman asks her now not to worry. Aaliya says we will have breakfast and opt for shopping. Sahil says I were given a gift for you. Muskaan tests the papers and says you purchased papers signed by means of Raman and Ishita. He says no, i purchased a penthouse for you, you like gardening right, Muskaan have meals and take drugs. She shouts and tears the papers. She cries. He increases hand. Goon stops him. He says give an explanation for her, she has end up stubborn. She screams. Aaliya thanks pandit for approaching short notice.

She says I known as pandit to get marriage mahurat. She asks pandit to provide an excellent mahurat, she wants to marry her husband once more and repeat the vows, she wishes the kundlis matching to be done once more. She is going. Ishita says please try and keep away from this marriage. Raman says don’t keep away from it, inform us an early mahurat, i’ve decided it. The goon asks Muskaan to have food. He says Sahil loves you and freed you from jail. She says its all a drama, he would have exacted revenge and got belongings on my call, he didn’t do that, go from here. He says loosen up, i can assist you, have drugs. She is of the same opinion. She hears Sahil and goon speakme. Sahil asks goon to mislead her about Raman and Ishita’s belongings till she is going abroad.

She thinks Sahil fooled me, I gained’t spare Raman and Ishita, I need a person’s assist, but how. Pandit offers the mahurat. Aaliya asks Adi are you satisfied. Yug says of direction. She goes. Ishita asks Raman to stop this insanity, its incorrect, did you notice Yug, he didn’t deny. Raman says my decision is not going to exchange, show some enthusiasm for once. Aaliya asks Ishita to speak to Shagun. Ishita asks her to make espresso for her. Aaliya is going. Shagun says this is crazy, you need to prevent this. Ishita says what shall I do, Raman isn’t paying attention to me, come and speak to him. Shagun says I m coming.

Precap Upcoming Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode update: Karan asks how am i able to assist you. Raman says I want Rohan’s sign on divorce papers, i have made papers geared up, appropriate luck. Karan says of course, i’m able to do it, thanks.


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