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Yug and Ruhi take Aaliya apart. Ruhi stops Yug and says we shall take Aaliya domestic. Karan pushes Rohan and asks how are you going to try this, I relied on you. Rohan says what’s incorrect, she is my spouse, she is simplest mine. Karan says I recognize your love and pain, if she loves you, she will be able to come returned to you. Rohan says she is mentally disturbed, what if she forgets me. Karan says she wants to be with Adi, I gained’t even speak to you presently. He is going.

Raman asks what, simply preserve me informed. Bala says I couldn’t locate Ishu, we must go to hospital and find out. Raman goes to get automobile keys. Bala sees Ishita/Shaina coming home. He says Ishu is with him. Raman receives keys and asks in which were you, what came about. She says my automobile broke down, I went on a force and then car broke down, I left my vehicle on the storage, a patient’s father dropped me home. Raman goes with her. Bala says why is she lying, Sahil dropped her, i’ve seen him, what is she doing with Sahil, it manner the whole thing is real, why is she hiding.

Yug and Ruhi get Aaliya domestic. Yug asks Ruhi to park the car and are available. Aaliya says I sense secure with you. Ruhi says thank God, we reached there on time. Karan comes and apologizes to her. She slaps him. Bala thinks of Ishita and wakes up. He thinks what’s taking place, what become Ishu doing with Sahil, i’ve to inform this to Raman, don’t know how will he react. Kiran asks what came about. He says I m concerned for Ishu. Kiran recollects Shaina’s phrases and goes to get water for him. Kiran gets a notice for Bala and asks him to study it within the toilet. He gets bowled over and goes. Kiran lies down to sleep. Ruhi asks what do you suspect, how did you and Rohan make this cheap plan. Karan says consider me, I didn’t know.

Ruhi says you watched i will agree with you, what shall I do of your sorry, it became a set up to try this, the entirety become planned, one of these disgusting act, Rohan can’t do that on my own. Karan says I swear on my mom, I didn’t understand this, i stopped Rohan, I understand he did a awful factor. She says I made a big mistake by means of trusting you, just depart. She is going. He says I promise, I received’t allow Aaliya suffer because of Rohan. Bala reads the letter….. I need to inform you that Ishita isn’t proper, Ishita has threatened me, there are camera in both the houses, we are being watched, its the fact, don’t react and damage this chit, but be alert. He gets greatly surprised and says what’s going on, why is she doing this with us, I want to get to the bottom of this, our Ishu is in a few problem. He tears the chit.

Amma asks Appa to drop her to temple, she and her buddies will assist in amassing budget for supporting poor children. Appa says you look younger these days. Bala gets ready. Amma asks him to have idlis. Bala says the whole thing is exceptional, I m going to speak to Raman, I m going to my lessons then. He goes. Amma says he seems involved. Appa says maybe he has paintings strain. They leave. Raman says sooner or later, Ishita will inform me the hassle. Bala comes and says you’re smiling. Raman says Ishita is coming returned to everyday, ultimately she can tell me what’s bothering her. Bala asks him to drop him to his lessons, his automobile broke down, they can talk at the way. Shaina asks what is going to you tell Raman. Bala says its among Raman and me, if you insist, let me tell me, its approximately the way to break out women’s nonsense questions. Raman says then you have to tell it to me, I m uninterested of this. Shaina says better halves have to get those pointers, drop me to clinic, my vehicle is in provider station. Raman says great. Bala thinks i have to tell Raman that this girl isn’t our Ishu.

Amma and her buddies visit accumulate price range at Sahil’s house. Amma gets shocked seeing Sahil. Sahil offers the money. Amma says we are able to’t take this black money for our exact work, come with me. The girl says we are able to take the cash. Amma says Sahil is a don, he murders and kidnaps people, we don’t want his cash, his sister stricken us so much, I shouldn’t speak terrible about her now, but Lord punished her for her incorrect doings. They depart. Sahil hears them. Sahil asks who’s this mad girl, how does she recognise Muskaan. Shamshad says she is Ishita’s mum, see this. Sahil says get her info, how dare she come to my residence and defame me, seems like I should smash Raman and Ishita’s households, find out her weak point. Shamshad asks Bablu to hold a watch on Ishita’s mum. Raman asks Bala to return. Bala says I forgot my query papers, I ought to make a few copies, you guys cross, Ishu will get past due for health center. Raman and Shaina go away. Shaina stares at Bala. Bala says I severely desire I locate a few proof in opposition to Ishita, Raman and Mani aren’t getting any evidence. He sees CCTV digital camera and says Sahil’s vehicle stopped here, perhaps i’d get some proof.

Aaliya thank you Adi for the expensive gift. She asks whilst did we come from the birthday celebration. Yug says i will inform you the whole thing. Bala asks is the CCTV camera working. the person says the youngsters nowadays take whatever from the shop, digital camera is vital. Bala asks can i am getting the night’s photos, I misplaced my cellphone, can i test to nab the thief. the person says no. Bala says i will record a criticism in police after which they will come here to check the photos, better display me the photos. the man says best, come in. Bala assessments the pictures and sees Sahil. He asks the person to transfer the footage in pendrive. the person says its difficult, my son is aware of the password to switch the footage, i’m able to let you know in nighttime. Bala says high-quality, i will divulge the imposter within the nighttime, all of us will realize this now.

Precap: The man says I told you what you stated, don’t shoot me. Shaina threatens the person. Bala says that girl isn’t Ishu, she is an imposter, she is very dangerous, I saw her with Sahil. Raman receives taken aback.


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