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The Episode starts with Rohan announcing we need to send mom to London. Karan says she can be careworn if we inform her about remedy. Rohan says I requested manager to find any business possibility there, mom might be excited to head there. Yug calls Karan and says Raman is getting me married to Aaliya, you live faraway from Bhallas as you had promised. Karan says wow its extremely good news Kunal, I need a party. Yug says you would be satisfied, however Raman and Ishita are preventing here, you gained’t mess up with Bhallas. Karan says I do not forget my promise, i will name you later. Yug says i will maintain Karan faraway from this family, perhaps that is my repentance. Karan says my friend Kunal is getting married. He thinks Rohan will eliminate Aaliya and Bhallas, and are available home. Shagun says Aaliya isn’t everyday, Raman you are everyday, you shouldn’t encourage her stupidity. He says no, Yug loves Aaliya, he is a pleasant man. Ishita says he’s the foundation of all issues.

Raman says Yug is a better lifestyles partner for her than Rohan, she will be able to stay right here with us, can we accept as true with Sudha and sent Aaliya to Sudha’s house, Aaliya’s happiness topics to me. He goes. Shagun asks what’s wrong with him, how are we able to allow Aaliya marry Yug. Mani goes to Raman and says I accept as true with you, I additionally experience Aaliya might be glad with Yug extra, but we need to get Aaliya and Rohan divorced, however Rohan has Ishita’s help. Yug comes and appears on. Raman says we will manage that, Aaliya loves Adi and now Yug. Yug says its wrong, we’re cheating, I m dishonest her. Shagun says relax Ishita, Mani could be explaining Raman. Simmi says i’m hoping Mani convinces Raman. Mani says Raman and i’ve determined it. Yug asks what if Aaliya recovers her intellectual state at some point of marriage. Raman says it will likely be good, she might be seeing your love and choosing you. Yug says she could now not be liking it, understanding she is Rohan’s spouse, i love her greater than my existence.

Raman says when Aaliya can see your love, she can recognize it. Yug says there may be no guarantee for it. Raman says there must be a purpose for your coming right here, Lord introduced you into our lives, happiness have back into our lives, Adi became supposed to return back, you are Adi for me, my son is back and my son never loses. Adi says you’ve got stated a huge component, Papa, I don’t even don’t forget my dad and mom, no person cherished me, no person trusted me, i was an orphan. Raman says you received’t be an orphan till we’re alive. Yug cries and says I promise you both that i can never ruin your trust, i’m able to by no means damage Aaliya’s believe. Raman says then we are able to control the whole thing, we recognise Aaliya, she will be able to receive you. Yug says Ishita isn’t satisfied. Raman says don’t fear, a few selections are intended to be taken, i’m able to speak to her. Shagun says Aaliya, all this isn’t wished. Ishita says you don’t forget you had married Rohan. Aaliya says yes, I informed this to Adi, he understood this, I want to marry him again and inform him that i love him, my marriage with Rohan is illegal, I need to move on with Adi, we gained’t talk about it again. Mani, Yug and Raman come home.

Aaliya says I chose this lahenga for me and sherwani for Adi. Yug says whatever she likes. Raman and Mani ask her to come for purchasing. Mani says you move for assembly, i can take them for purchasing. Shagun says however Mani… He says Shagun, we can move domestic and speak. Ishita asks what’s going to I inform Rohan.

Sudha scolds her supervisor. She says why did you tell Rohan, we will have big loss, you should have informed this to Karan or me. Rohan and Karan come and ship the manager. Rohan says i will control the whole thing. She asks oh truly, you have no time to manipulate business, you’re running after Aaliya. He says sorry, I promise, i will recognition on business, don’t take stress. Karan says i’ve an thrilling information. She asks is Rohan leaving Aaliya. Rohan says no. Karan says we were given a profitable enterprise notion from London, they simply want to paintings with you. Sudha says you return with me. Rohan says if I come, who will cope with enterprise, Karan may be in stress, you move there and begin the paintings, I promise i’m able to be part of you, I promised them already and arranged your tickets, and a caretaker for you, i love you loads.

She says i like you too. He is going. She asks what’s all this Karan. Muskaan asks lets order icecream, I want to have it. The goon says order whatever you want. She says deliver me your smartphone. He says sorry, I m gambling a recreation. He says Sahil is asking me, i can come. She says i will go and get icecream. He says no, sit down here, you may get a migraine, i’m able to get it. He is going. She receives angry and says I m under house arrest, because of Ishita and Raman, I m not going to go away them. Sudha says I recognise Rohan is lying, Rohan knows that I may additionally get greater sick, he is aware of my heart is getting susceptible, I recognize the whole thing.

Karan says our health practitioner knows a very good cardiologist in London, if he treats you, you will get satisfactory. She says i can’t tolerate Rohan going after Aaliya. He says no, Aaliya and Yug are marrying, Yug informed me, Raman is helping them, i can make Aaliya out of Rohan’s lifestyles. She says however Karan, he’s Yug, no longer Adi, so technically Rohan is Aaliya’s husband, this marriage gained’t be criminal till they get divorced. He says I promise to make Rohan faraway from Aaliya, I need you to get dealt with, I need my strong mother again. She smiles.

Raman is on paintings name. Bala says I m going for imp lecture. Raman asks is the whole lot best. Bala says yes, certainly not anything is exceptional, Kiran is continually scared, no one is leaving her on my own. Raman says shall we take her to some proper counselor. Bala says good concept, i’m able to speak to Kiran. Raman gets a name and says shall we meet proper now.

Muskaan calls Ishita and asks what did you tell Sahil, he isn’t letting me go out. Ishita says ask your brother, I advised him the reality. Muskaan threatens her. Ishita says you went to prison as soon as, you need to move once more, i will communicate to him. Simmi asks who turned into it. Ishita says Muskaan was threatening me. Simmi says go away it, what about Rohan. Ishita says he isn’t answering my call, i will message him. The servant asks Muskaan no longer to break his telephone. She says Sahil shouldn’t recognise this, i can get loose and then Raman and Ishita will face my fury.

Mani asks Raman are you joining us. Raman says no, I m busy, i’m able to name you later. Mani says whom is Raman going to meet. Raman meets Karan. Karan says i’ve been your son in law, I m not your enemy, and my brother is still in love with Aaliya. Raman says go away it, that’s the trouble. Karan says mom and i don’t need Rohan to smash his existence, how can i help you. Raman says I want Rohan’s symptoms on divorce papers, I already made the papers, you need your brother and i want his symptoms. Karan says of route, i can, i can. Raman says ok, suitable good fortune. Karan smiles.

Precap Upcoming Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode update: Aaliya says Raman has booked tickets for Greece for Adi and me. Rohan signs and symptoms the papers and goes. Sudha asks Karan to provide papers to Raman.


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