Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with the man calling Mani to do work. The men play playing cards. Simmi and Mihika communicate to caterer Mr. Khatri. He says we can make any cuisine. Simmi says you need to come right here and cook dinner. Mihika says we must make certain that cutlery is easy good and hygienic. Simmi says we will come in your godown and choose the cutlery. He says i can send you pics, i have desirable designs, you could’t come proper now, I gave my godown to someone. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma come. He says I m going to arrange the birthday celebration catering arrangements. Mrs. Bhalla asks how will you plan the birthday celebration whilst a lot is going on. He says you all determine and let me recognise. Simmi says you may’t pass everywhere. Ruhi says I suppose Ishita is inner that drum. Karan says we had checked it. She says they saved rice packets over it, I m a 100% positive she is internal that drum, i can inform Yug and Aaliya. Simmi says this guy is assisting Ishita’s kidnapper.

Amma asks what. Aaliya asks what, is Ishita in the drum. Ruhi says sure. Yug says we’re coming. Mrs. Bhalla slaps Khatri. He says listen to me. Amma asks wherein is my daughter. He says I clearly don’t understand anything. Mihika throws chilli powder in his eyes. He asks for water. Simmi asks him to speak up. Mihika gives him water. Simmi says we can torture you more, tell me the fact. He says I don’t recognize. Amma says see this is a knife, tell us. the man says i can inform you, I just get money and education paper from the locker, I didn’t see that guy. Aaliya says they have weapons, how do we fight. Karan says we have to fight with courage. Simmi asks wherein is the locker. He says i will give you deal with, he is going to ship me cash.

Mihika says we recorded your talk, don’t act smart. Simmi says you will take us there, in case you inform the man, you’ll also go to prison. He is going. Simmi and Amma snort. Mrs. Bhalla asks why didn’t you inform me about Ishita. Mihika says so sorry, we can tell you what came about. Ruhi signs Mani about drum. Mani goes and throws out the rice packets. the man asks what are you doing, why are you throwing the rice, did you lose your thoughts. Immi says we must go together with that caterer and understand who is doing this, i am hoping Ishita returns quickly. Mihika says we have to trap this man. Yug runs and forestalls the man. Yug and Karan fight them. Mani throws more packets and sees Ishita unconscious interior. He says Ishu…. say some thing. He shouts Ishita is right here. Karan tilts the drum and gets Ishita out. Ruhi says i will pass and get the auto. Aaliya throws chilli powder to stop the guys. Yug asks Karan to leave rapid.

Ruhi and Aaliya make Ishita rest. Aaliya says how can they torture Ishita like this. Ruhi cries. She says I m going to call each person. Aaliya says i’m able to practice ointment to her wounds. every body comes. Ruhi says ought to we call a doctor. Simmi says no need, she will be able to get aware. Amma and Appa come. Amma says we went to temple, Ishita got saved. Mihika asks Aaliya, Ruhi, Yug and Karan to head and clean up. Ruhi says no. Simmi says prevent crying and go. Mani says my circle of relatives physician prescribed a few medicines, just cross. Ishita wakes up and sees them. They feed her water. Yug says you saved messaging us which you are fine. She says I didn’t have my telephone. Ruhi says that man could have snatched her cellphone and messaged her by way of her call, do you do not forget who is that guy. Arijit asks does he understand where is Raman.

Ishita says sorry, I couldn’t locate anything about Raman. Arijit says how did Ishita get away. Bhuvan says the men were drunk, it changed into their fault, until I reached, Ishita’s kids took her. Arijit shouts and throws things at him. Ishita says Sunita used to present me drugs and inject me, i used to be subconscious. Ruhi says i will now not depart Sunita, how dare she, she is your buddy. Aaliya asks why did she do that. Ishita says don’t cross, I lost all hopes to look you again. Mani thinks don’t recognize how she has tolerated the tortures, who is doing this and why. Arijit says I m going out, contend with Raman, that is your remaining danger. Bhuvan asks wherein are you going. Arijit says that’s not your challenge. Ishita says I couldn’t see the abducted, when I were given aware, Sunita was crying and pronouncing she is helpless, she doesn’t want to do this. Karan says Sunita ought to have knowledgeable police or instructed us. Ishita says I understand her properly, she turned into helpless.

Mihika says sure, when Simmi and i went there, she tried to tell us, she wrote on chit and didn’t supply us. Simmi asks do you recall who have been they. Yug asks do you recognize about that guy, how he regarded, his voice. Ishita says I don’t take into account, he was carrying a mask, I couldn’t see his face, I m home, what would he do with Raman. Simmi says we would find out the following day. Ruhi asks what will happen.

Mihika says we were given to know that you are stored in caterer godown, we referred to as the caterer home, he advised us about a locker. Yug asks what. Mihika says a person goes to place money in the locker. Mani says that caterer can inform that guy. Simmi says no, we threatened him. Mihika says we will catch that man. Ishita says we are able to get Raman.

Precap: Aaliya says we will additionally move there. Bala says we can find out wherein is Raman. Mani asks what, locker no. fifty two, that’s my locker. all people receives shocked.


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