Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Simmi saying someone is misleading. Mrs. Bhalla says maybe real Raman called, and the one living with us isn’t Raman. Mihika asks her to trust Ishita. Simmi says yes, we have done his DNA test also. She goes. Mihika takes care of Mrs. Bhalla. Simmi tells everything to Ruhi. Ruhi asks who is doing this to disturb us, please keep this matter to yourself, Raman shouldn’t know this, not even Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla cries. Mihika says you are thinking a lot, that person is doing this intentionally so that we doubt on Raman. Ruhi says this person wants to hurt our family, I need to find out. Mamta goes to sit in the car. She meets Natasha. She says I did as you said, I can’t hide for long. Natasha says until I say, keep doing this. Mamta says I will lose the job. Natasha says you can never earn so much money by job, you have to lie to Bhalla family that real Raman have given blood to Ishita so that they make Raman out of their house, Shardul has to come to me. Mamta says I don’t want to lose my job. Natasha says just do what I say, I have to teach a lesson to Bhallas.

Mamta asks why is everyone after Bhallas, even he wants to do the same. Natasha asks who. Mamta says he gave me double money for this, he was taking me to his boss, Yug was following us so he dropped me. Natasha says I want to know who is he, next time inform me, you will get more money. She gets a call and says send me address, I will come. She gives money to Mamta. She says don’t go home, don’t you dare try to double cross us. Mamta goes. Natasha says Arijit called, he wants to meet us, we just have to agree with him. Sunil asks what happened. She says you zone out these days, once we get Shardul, we will get our diamonds and go. He says you are right. She says you called Mrs. Bhalla as Raman, entire family will be in shock, I will play mind games with them, they will think Raman is Shardul, we will take Shardul with us.

Ishita asks everyone to go home and rest. Everyone talks to her normally. Ishita asks them to go home and party. Karan says you almost recovered, we will order food and have dinner here. Sudha says we can have dinner in my room, you will feel relaxed, I m not ordering chinese but typical south indian food, Karan and Ruhi come with me and help. She asks Yug to get Ishita to her cabin. She goes.

Raman looks on. Sudha asks why is Raman so worried. Karan says someone called Dadi and said he is Raman Bhalla, he said the Raman in house isn’t real. Sudha says someone wants to harm Raman and Ishita, I will increase security outside her room. Raman comes and asks why. Sudha says so that no one troubles us, there is someone who wants to harm this family. Karan says you are right, we must make necessary arrangements. Raman says everyone is trying to hide something from me, but why. Natasha comes to meet Arijit. She says I had gone for some work. He asks what. She says I went to consult new psychiatrist, tell me why you called me here.

He says matter is serious, someone told Bhallas that real Raman donated blood to Ishita. Natasha says wow, you believe me now, real Raman is alive, I knew its my Shardul. He says maybe its a lie, we have to find out, you remember the Dna reports, its proved that Shardul is Raman, who is spreading the lie, someone got psychiatric killed to frame Yug, are we playing game with Bhallas and someone is playing a game with us. Sunil coughs. Natasha asks Bhuvan to get water for him. Arijit says Raman can’t survive, if he is alive, we have to find out, how did he get saved and why is he hiding, we will think what to do next. Natasha says I m sure real Raman will be alive, we have to convince that one living with them is Shardul, I want Shardul back, I will go and get him. He says we have to wait, you won’t do this, we will find truth, you will get your Shardul, trust me.

Natasha says I m in hurry. Arijit says I m not in a hurry. She goes. Sunil asks what will we do now. She says we will go to Shardul and create a drama. Bhuvan says I doubt them. Arijit says even I don’t find them right, Natasha is clever, she lied to me easily, she said she went for blood tests and there was no swab on her hand, she is playing some game. Natasha comes to meet Ishita. Everyone gets angry. Natasha says Shardul is taking care for her that Ishita may think he is real Raman. Yug asks her to leave. Natasha says real Raman donated you blood, he wasn’t Shardul. Ishita says that person was looking like Romi, technician told this. Natasha says your family lied to you.

Precap: Mamta asks why shall I trust you. Arijit pays him. She asks him what to do. Ishita says some imposter called you. Raman cries and asks Mrs. Bhalla to identify him, he is Raman.


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