Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YHM 30 Aug episode begins with Karan and Roohi’s wedding preparations are going on in Bhalla House, a pundit comes and pulls out their wedding, but is that pundit real or someone The new villain will be able to know in the coming episodes only.

Arijit comes to the hospital, is very happy to meet a girl, she is Arijit’s daughter. Arijit tries to talk to his daughter in a coma, but her daughter does not give any response. Arijit tells the doctor how you shifted him here without asking me, the doctor says that your daughter is getting help in coming out of depression due to the arrival of people. The doctor says that if your daughter is not well, then I will shift to the singles room. Here, the muhurta Pandit is taking out the wedding of Karan and Ruhi in Bhalla House. The pundit takes out the wedding auspicious after two months, everyone is happy.

Sudha says that I want to get married a lot, and asks Kan to walk home. Karan says to stay in Bhalal House for a few days, Sudha says that marriage is about to come home. There is an atmosphere of happiness in Bhalla House, here, a person who comes to Bhalla House in Pandit’s dress, comes to the hospital and changes his clothes, which makes Arijit think. Arijit goes to see the second resident living in the ward with his daughter, only the man who comes to Bhalla House in disguise of Pandit is with the other patient and tells that patient will know very soon what is happening there.

Roohi is missing Karan, so Karan comes there. On seeing Karan, Ruhi becomes very happy, the whole Bhalla family is happy. Again Pandit Bhalla House comes there and talks about stopping him. Rohini and Karan’s Roca Muhurat goes out, Arijit is upset thinking what Raman remembers. Arijit secretly stares at Bhalla House, he sees the same Pandit whom he sees in the hospital.

Arijit thinks what this man wants to do, preparations for worship are going on in Bhalla House. Arijit is going on that Sudha’s eye falls on her and she calls Arijit. Raman tells Arijit that tomorrow Ruhi and Karan have stopped, you too can come. Karan tells Raman why are you giving such importance to this man. Karan says I think this man wants to ruin us all.

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