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The Episode starts with Bhuvan saying I have run away, Mansi knows your name, she can say this in statement. Arijit says don’t worry, she can’t do this, she is in shock that she did the murder. He ends call and says if Bhuvan is saying true, I have done arrangements. He sees Neeti at home. He recalls taking ward boy’s disguise and going to take Neeti. He says some bad people are coming, so I m taking you.

He takes another disguise. He goes to the accounts dept and says I m from IT dept, I need to instal antivirus software. He gets access and deletes the footage. The man gives him the records. Arijit sees Neeti’s file. He asks for water. He says thanks, work is done. He goes. FB ends. Arijit says now none can reach now, I m very smart, Raman Bhalla you will be ruined now.

Sudha asks the doctor to admit Ishita in OT and remove the bullet soon. Raman gets Ishita there. Ishita is taken to OT. Sudha says Ishita is strong, she will fight and come back. Raman says yes, she will come back, she is my Jhansi ki rani. He asks about Mansi. Karan says Ruhi is with her. Mansi gets interrogated. Ruhi gets angry and scolds her. Mansi asks did she die. She laughs and says I took my revenge, I killed Ishita. She gets violent and hurts herself. Ruhi says she is acting to show she is mentally unstable to get saved from police. Inspector says court will decide, we will file FIR. Ruhi says I have seen her shooting my mum. Inspector says Yug had knife in hand and was proved innocent, every story has two sides, Mansi’s confession can’t be taken, she is not in her senses. Karan calls her and says Ishita is getting treated, I consoled Raman and Yug, what did police do. Ruhi says we will talk later, I will go home and inform everyone. Aaliya calls. She says they didn’t go to office today. Mihika says strange.

Aaliya says maybe they are hiding something. Ruhi comes home crying. They ask what happened. Ruhi says call everyone fast. Ruhi hugs Simmi and cries. Simmi asks what happened. Everyone asks her. Ruhi says Ishita…. she got shot. They get shocked…. They cry. Ruhi says she is critical, her operation is going on. Mihika asks who shot her. Ruhi asks Mrs. and Mr. Bhalla to stay at home, Appa doesn’t know this. Ruhi says we need Raman’s clothes and food. They leave. Mrs. Bhalla and Mihika pray. Raman sits on shock. Simmi comes to him and asks what happened to Ishita, how is she. Yug says she is fine, her operation is going on. Ruhi says she will be fine. Raman says I won’t go until Ishita gets fine. Simmi asks him to go and change clothes. Raman goes. Ruhi says about Mansi’s acting. Nurse asks about AB positive blood. Sudha says they will arrange blood, but someone from us have to donate blood. Raman changes and comes. Sudha says they went to donate blood. Everyone waits outside OT. Doctor says she is fine, we are shifting her to room, there was much blood loss. Bhuvan is in disguise. He looks at them.

Arijit chooses a white kurta for Ishita’s funeral. Bhuvan calls him. He says I m at the hospital, Ishita is alive. Arijit asks what. Bhuvan says yes, doctors saved her. Arijit gets angry on him. He throws things. He hears Neeti shouting and runs. Bhuvan says who was there shouting. Arijit asks Neeti to relax, tv was on there, I m fine, relax. Neeti sleeps. Arijit says Ishita has to die, else Neeti won’t get justice.

Everyone meets Ishita. Yug asks why did you do this. She says I couldn’t let anything happen to you, you are my son, I will do this many times for you. Yug says you did so much for an orphan. Ruhi says don’t call yourself an orphan, we are your family. Raman says Yug is mad like Ishita. Ishita asks where is Mansi. Ruhi says she is in police station, inspector is saying someone maybe trapping her, she is acting mentally ill. Ishita says maybe, someone who trapped Yug also trapped her, I m fine now Raman, don’t worry, go home. Raman says I will not go anywhere. Simmi and everyone leave.

After 10 days, Mihika asks is Ishita fine now. Nurse says she is fine. Doctor says she has to stay here for 2-3 days. Raman thanks the doctor. He gives some money to nurse for caring for Ishita. A doctor comes and says Ishita’s life is saved by her husband. Nurse says Raman is her husband. Doctor says no, her husband…. Ishita asks did you come to take blood. Doctor says her husband gave blood, he also said his name Raman Bhalla. Raman says what nonsense. Ishita says listen to me. Simmi says wait, was this Raman Bhalla. The doctor sees his pic and says yes. Simmi asks are you sure, it was him. Doctor says yes. They get shocked. Raman asks whose pic is it. Simmi says leave it. Ishita asks whose pic did you show.

Simmi says I showed Romi’s pic, doctor got confused. Ishita asks did Romi come back. Mihika says no, Simmi was joking. Sudha looks on. Simmi and everyone go out. Sudha says I have a meeting at office, I will go. Raman asks Simmi why did she lie to him. Simmi says I really showed Romi’s pic. Ruhi says yes, we all saw it. Raman asks why did that doctor say that. Simmi says maybe she was confused, we should be happy that he gave blood and saved Ishita. She asks Raman to go home. Raman says I won’t go anywhere. Ruhi insists. Raman and Simmi go. Aaliya asks is it possible, that dad….Simmi comes back and says I knew you all will talk about it, we should not talk in front of Raman and Ishita, who is using Raman’s identity, it maybe some conspiracy, we have to be careful.

Precap: Mrs. Bhalla says it was Raman’s call. Raman gets shocked. Arijit says real Raman Bhalla is alive, I have to do something and enter the hospital.


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