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YHM 3 Aug episode begins with it is shown that the gem is removing the rice from the drum only when it is suspected, but the goons call it to him for any other work. On the other side Simmi calls the caterers and tells her that a party is going to be organized in our building, for which you have been invited. From the caterers, Simmi tells her to walk in the warehouse but she says that at this time she has given the warehouse to somebody. Ravi Karan, Ali, and the era tell that Ishita is inside the drum. On the other hand, everyone at home beat the catsars.

During the beating of the family’s anger at Bhalla House, the caterers tell that they are not the people of the public, I have never seen their face. Simmi and Mahiika cats up to the cats and persuade them to accompany them. On the other hand, Ruhi, Yug, Alia and Karan plan to take Ishita out of the drum. As soon as Mani looks at them, he gestures to Mani and then Mani pulls out the rice packet from the drum. Taking out all the packets of rice, they see goons and they become angry.

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On one hand Mihika and Simmi search for Kidnapper, on the other hand Alia, Yug, Roohi and Karan are crowded by goons, Mani takes out rice packets from the drums and Ishita is found. Everyone’s hard work brings color and finally Ishita is found. Ishita’s situation is very bad and then Ishita becomes conscious.

Yug says to Ishita that when you were in so much trouble, why didn’t you tell anyone. Ishita reveals that her phone is with her, on the other hand Bhuvan informs Bhuvan Arijit about the news of Ishita’s escape. Ishita tells that doctor Sunita gives her drugs. Rahi speaks, we know why she used to do it, Ishita denies it. The priest has to go suddenly. She speaks to Bhuvan that keep Raman’s attention. Ishita tells her family about Sunita. Ishita tells that she could not see Kidnapper as she was unconscious. Tells the whole family about Simi and Mahika Cater.

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