Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YHM 4 July Episode Begins With Mrs. Bhalla inquires as to for what reason did this occur with my kid. Amma says when I lost Vandu, you revealed to me that Mata rani gives us distress and solidarity to endure it, we lost Rinky and Vandu, Raman was my child as well, you must be solid, we should advise truth to Ishita, on the off chance that she doesn’t cry, she will kick the bucket, we need to perform last customs of Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says we lost our greatest help. She cries. Amma reassures her. The family weeps for Raman. Pandit guides them the ceremonies. Ishita comes and gets stunned. He asks what’s this franticness and expels wreaths from
Raman’s pic. She reprimands the pandit. She takes a blade and undermines them. She says I will complete a certain something, I will slaughter myself, when Raman comes and asks what befell me, reveal to him why I did this. She cries. Everybody requests that he toss the blade. Simmi says stop it, I was clarifying all of you, see the result, I know Raman is alive, we need to recover her, we can’t lose our psyche, I realize they are committing a major error however its not right, in what capacity will we discover Raman, we should discover him, they are grieving for Raman, we need to discover him. Ishita quiets down. Simmi takes the blade and offers it to Mihika. She says Raman is alive, you need to perform last customs of Raman. She acts. Ruhi gets the water. Simmi asks Ishita to drink water. She says Raman is alive, we will get him back.

Ishita rests and takes Raman’s name. Ruhi cries. Aaliya says Ishita is taking Raman’s name, perhaps she is envisioning. Ruhi says Ishita can’t survive without father, what will I do, I can’t survive without them. Simmi says it is difficult for us, we must be solid. They all think to carry on with Ishita as Raman needed, Raman is alive, he is fine. They all cry. Ishita prepares in the first part of the day and sits to converse with Raman’s pic.

She says I won’t call Raman to talk today. She goes out and converses with everybody. She takes espresso. She says I will make aloo paratha today. Shagun and Mani come. Shagun says I completed my work and came here, I need your assistance, as of late my companion lost her better half, she isn’t tolerating this, in the event that you converse with her, that may help. Ishita says you figure I m doing likewise. Shagun says sorry I didn’t trust you previously, Simmi persuaded us, I realize you can support my companion. Ishita asks are you simply making stories. Shagun says I have a companion truly, will you come to enable her, to let me know. Ishita says I will get my satchel and come. She goes. Mrs. Bhalla asks do you truly have a companion. Shagun says no, I was discussing Ishita, she needs an instructor, I fixed a gathering with advisor. Simmi says this is the most ideal approach to cause her to figure it out.

Ishita comes and says I think Raman will come and astound us. Shweta calls her and says there is a major issue in office, speculators are pulling out. Ishita inquires as to why. Mani says put approach speaker. Ishita inquires as to why, Raman is getting a major venture. Shweta says we didn’t get that task since Sir… Mani says we will talk later. Ishita says its Raman’s fantasy venture, I can’t give them a chance to destroy it.

Precap: Ishita addresses financial specialists. A man comes and says this venture will be effective, I m Arijit Saxena.


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