Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Yug says we are coming. Mrs. Bhalla slaps Khatri. He says hear me out. Amma asks where is my girl. He says I truly know nothing. Mihika tosses bean stew powder in his eyes. He requests water. Simmi requests that he talk up. Mihika gives him water. Simmi says we can torment you more, disclose to me reality. He says I don’t have the foggiest idea.

Amma says see this is a blade, let us know. The man says I will let you know, I simply get cash and guidance paper from the storage, I didn’t see that man. Aaliya says they have weapons, in what capacity will we battle. Karan says we need to battle with mental fortitude. Simmi asks where is the storage. He says I will give you address, he will send me cash. Mihika says we recorded your discussion, don’t act savvy. Simmi says you will take us there, on the off chance that you tell the man, you will likewise go to imprison. He goes. Simmi and Amma giggle. Mrs. Bhalla inquires as to for what reason didn’t you enlighten me concerning Ishita. Mihika says so heartbroken, we will disclose to you what occurred. Ruhi signs Mani about drum. Mani proceeds to toss out the rice bundles. The man asks what’s happening with you, for what reason are you tossing the rice, did you lose your psyche. Immi says we need to go with that cook and realize who is doing this, I trust Ishita returns soon. Mihika says we need to get this man. Yug runs and stops the man. Yug and Karan battle them. Mani tosses more parcels and sees Ishita oblivious inside. He says state something. He yells Ishita is here. Karan tilts the drum and gets Ishita out. Ruhi says I will proceed to get the vehicle. Aaliya tosses bean stew powder to stop the men. Yug asks Karan to leave quick.

Ruhi and Aaliya make Ishita rest. Aaliya says how might they torment Ishita like this. Ruhi cries. She says I m going to call everybody. Aaliya says I will apply salve to her injuries. Everybody comes. Ruhi says should we call a specialist. Simmi says no need, she will get cognizant. Amma and Appa come. Amma says we went to sanctuary, Ishita got spared. Mihika asks Aaliya, Ruhi, Yug and Karan to proceed to spruce up. Ruhi says no. Simmi says quit crying and go. Mani says my family specialist endorsed a few prescriptions, simply go. Ishita awakens and sees them. They feed her water. Yug says you continued informing us that you are fine. She says I didn’t have my telephone. Ruhi says that man would have grabbed her telephone and informed her by her name, do you recollect who is that man. Arijit asks does he realize where is Raman.

Ishita says sorry, I couldn’t discover anything about Raman. Arijit says how did Ishita escape. Bhuvan says the men were smashed, it was their deficiency, until I came to, Ishita’s youngsters took her. Arijit yells and tosses things at him. Ishita says Sunita used to give me sedates and infuse me, I was oblivious. Ruhi says I won’t leave Sunita, how could she, she is your companion. Aaliya inquires as to for what reason did she do this. Ishita says don’t go, I lost all wants to see you once more. Mani thinks don’t have the foggiest idea how she has endured the torments, who is doing this and why. Arijit says I m going out, deal with Raman, this is your last shot. Bhuvan asks where are you going. Arijit says that is not your worry. Ishita says I couldn’t see the hijacked, when I got cognizant, Sunita was crying and saying she is vulnerable, she wouldn’t like. Karan says Sunita ought to have educated police or let us know. Ishita says I know her well, she was vulnerable.

Mihika says truly, when Simmi and I went there, she attempted to let us know, she composed on chit and didn’t give us. Simmi asks do you recall who were they. Yug gets some information about that man, what he looked like, his voice. Ishita says I don’t recall that, he was wearing a veil, I couldn’t see his face, I m home, what might he do with Raman. Simmi says we may discover tomorrow. Ruhi asks what will occur.

Mihika says we became acquainted with that you are kept in food provider godown, we called the cook home, he educated us regarding a storage. Yug asks what. Mihika says a man is going to place cash in the storage. Mani says that food provider can advise that man. Simmi says no, we undermined him. Mihika says we can get that man. Ishita says we will get Raman.

Precap: Aaliya says we will likewise go there. Bala says we will discover where is Raman. Mani asks what, storage no. 52, that is my storage. Everybody gets stunned.


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